Saturday, 9 April 2016


Does this happen to you, or is it just me?

In September the hyacinth bulbs go on sale, so I buy (usually a pack of) three, in a different colour each year. I take them home, and, assiduously following the instructions on the pack, I plant them and put them away in a cool dark place and wait for them to emerge ready to flower and treat us with their delicious scent at Christmas.

But, of course, they never do, do they? Well, mine don't anyway. They feebly start to show at or around the end of November and then resolutely refuse to hasten their pace, so this is how they look through December.

So I then go out a week before and buy some ready blooming supermarket ones for the Festive table!

In the following spring I plant them out in the garden, whether they've flowered or not, and just forget about them.

Now, as I look out through the utility room window I am greeted by this display

and the scent is quite divine. I'm not sure how long these babies have been in the border, they certainly aren't last year's, so most probably they are the ones purchased to flower for Christmas 2014.

Which leads me to think that maybe I should start thinking about buying some now, to flower for Christmas 2017?

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Karen Butfield said...

Lol yes I know just how you feel. X