Monday, 5 December 2016

Advent Calendar 2016 Day 4

(just a little bit late, as I was away for the weekend)

Do you or don't you?
Love 'em or hate 'em?
Explain please.
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KC'sCourt! said...

No nuts for us thank you

Julie xxxxxxx

Ellie Foster said...

Nuts for my husband, but not for me (don't like the taste or texture!, thank you.
Best wishes

crafty cat corner said...

Love em, but my insides do not so they stay on the shelves.
But then there's a lot my insides do no like these days sadly. boo hoo.

Tracy said...

I do love nuts but tend to buy them through out the year minus their shells! I do remember the green glass dish full of mixed nuts that would be put on display over Christmas with the nut crackers and slowly over the Christmas break all the best ones would be eaten, the brazils first, then the walnuts and hazelnuts and the poor old tasteless almonds would be left languishing in the dish until they were finally thrown out in February!!! If I remember rightly nobody started eating them until Christmas Day had arrived.

Hannah Brooker said...

Nah not for us!