Wednesday, 11 January 2017

2016/17 Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt

I managed to find a few more of the subjects for Eileen's Scavenger Hunt, mostly out and about on my recent first adventure of the year.

No. 1 Layers. Well, three of them are, the other is a cock.

No. 5 Fur or feather. This serves me right for leaving my best black trousers and white shirt out instead of hanging them straight away in the wardrobe, both now covered in cat's fur.

No. 9. Diamond

11. Outside at night. You will very rarely find me outside after dark in the winter, so this is just a shot of the back of my home from the garden.

19. Bird table or feeder. Two, in fact, one in my mum's back garden and a rather more elaborate version next door.

No. 20. Cold.

This photo covers three subjects - No. 5. Fur or feather, No. 10. Winter weather and No. 20. Cold.

Alternative A. Pine cone.

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