Sunday, 29 January 2017


Day 23. It was pretty cold

Day 24. Another cold day

Day 25. Packing has begun in earnest now. This is the front room.

Day 26. Packing away my desktop items, including my lovely paperweight, a gift from GM many years ago.

Day 27. We sold our king-sized guest bed back along (we'll be replacing it with bunks in the new house), so luckily we have plenty of space in the spare bedroom.

Day 28. This has always been called the box room, now we know why.

Day 29. My studio, I'll miss this lovely room, but I do have another lovely studio to look forward to in the new house.


Tracy said...

Eek! It's all becoming so much more real now seeing all those boxes. It's always surprising how much stuff we really have isn't it.

Jille said...

Lovely frosty photos! It finally seems real once you've started packing xx

Kezzie said...

OOoh, it's actually happening for you now! I am so glad!!! I know you had a time of it!!!! I long for our house now!!!x