Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Day 5. I just happened to be passing quite close to our (potential) new home, so just thought I'd stop to see if it was still OK and in one piece. Thankfully it was. Seeing all of those newly planted saplings, I guess this view will change over the years, I must make a point of recording it annually, maybe later in the year when the leaves are open.

Day 6. I had a few minutes to spare, so I stopped at Newlands Corner to admire the view.

Day 7. I passed through Waterloo Station a couple of times on my recent travels. This is the clock under which my mum and dad used to meet, after the war and before they were married in 1946 - at that time my dad lived in Essex and my mum lived in Hampshire. They first met when my dad was stationed in an army camp situated at the bottom of my grandparents garden and my mum worked in the local shop.

Day 8. A gift from one of my lovely DiLs (JO) and the grandsons. I love it.

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Sandie said...

Nice to see your daily photos Joy. I have picked up Project 365 again this year and enjoy being reconnected to my camera. Taking photos of the saplings is a good idea by the way.