Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The first few days

Can't believe it's already a whole week since we landed. Still feels a bit like being on holiday though, as any of you who've moved recently will understand. A slight down-size in accommodation means I'm struggling a bit to find places for everything, but gradually making progress with about half of the domestic unpacking done. At the moment things are just being put "somewhere in the right general area", tidying and rationalizing will come later. The TV is up, the PCs are up, the washing machine is installed so basic life continues. A nearish Tesco superstore has been made good use of and fresh food has been cooked and eaten on most days. So far so good. Here is a brief flavour of our first week.

1. The happy gang of removal men who made the day so much less stressful than it might have been, thanks guys.

2. One of the main priorities, the washing machine is installed - the ironing board hasn't yet been put into action though!

3. Our first "real" meal, roast chicken

4. A quiet corner to sit in, as you can see I made sure I had my crochet (endorphinator 1) at the ready.

5. GM has made good use of the landing windowsill

6. This will be GM's office, but is currently my drying room!

7. The upstairs landing is wide enough to house these shelving units, empty when photographed, but not so now.

Entering the second week, today I'm searching for the wok to cook stir fry for tea tonight, and looking for a box of my clothes which has gone awol - most likely in the garage!


Eileen T said...

Love the new blog name!

Jille said...

Glad the move seems to have gone well. Hope you find your wok! xx

CupcakeMumma said...

Glad your move has gone well Joy the house is looking lovely. Moving is so hard! I can't believe how often we've done it! I'm loving the new blog design and name x

Tracy said...

Hi Joy, I'm glad to hear the move went well and you are settling in nicely. Unfortunately your new home card is still sitting on the side in my kitchen along with the Chelmsford postcard. I'll pop them in the post to you shortly xx

Kezzie said...

So glad you made it ok!XX