Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Surplus to requirements

As I gradually unpack and try to find space for everything I realize that I have too much stuff. Before I list things on Gumtree or Ebay, I thought I would send the images out into blogland first. If you see anything you would like please leave a comment below (I'll be away from home from midday 9th until late afternoon 10th, so comments won't be listed or replied to during that period, but will appear in my inbox in chronological order).

This EWM (Edinburgh Wool Mills) fleece is turquoise with a navy collar and two side pockets.
The label says 14/16, but from my experience it is a tight 16, so probably best just to say it would be a comfortable 14. I haven't worn it much as it wasn't particularly useful because I couldn't zip it up. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but it is available for a charity donation (The Wessex M.S. Centre) and the cost of postage.

Quite difficult to describe the colour of this jacket, I guess taupe would be the closest. It's from H&M, size Euro 42, again, I would guess a comfortable 14, as it's to small for me now.
Details should be fairly clear from the photos, and cost is as above - donation and postage.

Brand new and still in original box, we bought this because we were expecting to move into a house without a cooker, then we changed course and bought a different house with a cooker, so it hasn't been used at all, and was only taken out of the box to photograph. Original price £50., yours for £20., collection from Andover or Warminster, or possibly I can arrange to get it to Dorking or Leatherhead - too heavy to consider postage.

Large suitcase, surplus to requirements, 75cm x 56cm x 23cm, used for family holidays when children were small (now in mid-20s), so it's fairly old but still in good condition if a little dusty. There is a key for the little padlock which appears above, and the address label is still blank. Offers close to £10 will be considered,  collection from Andover or Warminster, or possibly I can arrange to get it to Dorking or Leatherhead - too bulky to consider postage.

There will be other items listed soon (including a couple of bedside cabinets and a couple of lamps) when I get back from my next adventure.


Sandie said...

Good luck with the clearing Joy. It's always nice to offer it to friends and family before trying other outlets. I have 2 large light hangings sitting under my desk here - I need to rehome these among other things so joining you in your clearing.

Kezzie said...

Good luck with all the clearing Joy! Thank you for your empathy over the house moving- you know what it is like- I do appreciate it!!x