Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The second week

Day 8.

GM was inspecting the loft, it appeared that the loft hatch was hinged to the aperture but sadly that wasn't the case, it fell down (as did he, almost).

Day 9.

Try as he might, he was unable to fathom out how to get it back into position, so we currently have a temporary arrangement - luckily we seem to have one or two cardboard boxes lying around.

Day 10.

Another temporary arrangement. Previous owner/tenant decided to remove all the curtain poles, leaving just the retainers, so until GM gets round to fixing up new swish rails I've tied up a sheet , to preserve our modesty.

Day 11.

Current view of the lounge, but, having finished unpacking the kitchen, this is my next project, which I'm starting today.

Day 12.

The dining part of the kitchen/diner with the most important work stations installed temporarily, and, as you can see, the less important tumble dryer looking a bit forlorn stuck in the middle with, as yet, nowhere to go.

Day 13.

A stack of empty boxes, stored in the extraordinarily large downstairs loo.

Day 14.

The tiles in the bathroom and ensuite shower room (mostly plain white but with a frieze of these). GM isn't too fond of them, but they'll stay for now.


crafty cat corner said...

We haven't moved for 53 years but I can imagine what a nightmare it must be. Notice the tele is in place. lol

Tracy said...

It always surprises me the things you find out when you move into a new home, luckily the things we found we quite as dangerous as unattached loft hatches.

Kezzie said...

Eeek, I am so glad he wasn't injured by the loft hatch!!!