Monday, 20 March 2017

Week five

Day 29.

We've bought some new swish curtain rails - enough to do all the windows, and were going to buy some timber battens, but were lucky enough to find just exactly what we needed stashed away in the garage.

Day 30.

The first one up, in the entrance hall.

Day 31.

A view of the entrance hall from the kitchen door.

Day 32.

Someone had a birthday (not me!)

Day 33.

GM (aka sysman) has moved my work station from the dining room into my studio. (I have refrained from showing the rest of the room just now - it's still full of boxes, I'm waiting for my shelves to go up).

Day 34.

Since we arrived it's been too wet to do anything at all in the garden, even tidy up after the removers. Hoping for some dry (even if not sunny) days soon, so we can get out there and start. As you can see, it's pretty much a blank canvas, I'm so looking forward to making my mark.

Day 35.

My house plants have been brought home from their temporary storage at the MS Therapy Centre, although I'm still not quite sure where they'll end up. A bouquet from GO who popped in with EG to see our new home for the first time - he's been away for work, which is why he didn't come round earlier. I had to use one of my kitchen implement jars as I haven't yet unpacked my vases.


Sandie said...

It's looking good Joy, you have a nice big hallway

Nana Go-Go said...

All coming together rather swishly! I love the flowers in the earthenware jar. They suit each other! Carry On!