Monday, 10 April 2017

Week eight, during which the weather improves and some time is spent outside of the house

Day 50.

One of the shelf units on the landing, full of boxes containing various bits and pieces of mine.

Day 51.

On a bright, dry and sunny day we resolve to "tackle" the garage, which involves emptying most of the stuff out and then putting it all back in, in some semblance of order.

Day 52.

We can now walk through from the front of the garage to the back and vice versa.

Day 53.

The lawn mower sees the light of day for the first time this year.

Day 54.

The front grass before and after

Day 55.

The back grass before and after.

Day 56.

The fig tree, in the blue/green pot, survived the move, and will be permanently planted in this warm sunny corner quite soon.

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Crafty in the Med said...

Looking at your photos here has reminded me I really need to declutter some of my cupboards and my grand-daughter's room which is constantly used as a junk room..much to my disgust. I have no garden but I need to get to the pots that I have on my balcony and see what is happening there. I may have some dead plants, poor things!

keep well


PS: you are not alone! :-)