Monday, 17 April 2017

Week nine

Day 57

Our kitchen is adequate, but at some stage we'll need to provide more cabinets for all our stuff. In the mean time, we've had these old Ikea units for years, and now they've come into their own once again. Positioned in the dining area they are currently filled to bursting with kitchen overflow.

Day 58

This is the smoke alarm, it's fitted to the ceiling just outside the kitchen. Last week the battery ran out of steam and woke us in the middle of the night, so poor old long-suffering GM had to get up and remove the battery. There is a problem with the unit, I don't remember what the problem is, but we've had to order a new one which has arrived but hasn't yet been fitted. (Don't worry, there is another smoke alarm fitted at the top of the stairs so we are still protected!)

Day 59

The landing window is positioned such that half of it is above the staircase, so in order to fix the curtain rail he had to make himself a little platform to sit on the windowsill on one side and the upstairs banister rail on the other. We now have a curtain rail and a curtain at this window.

Day 60

The garden as viewed from the top corner, as you can now see quite clearly it is most definitely a blank canvas for us to work on. The brick wall on the right of the picture is the back of the garage, and off picture to the left is a full width raised bed. I am so looking forward to turning this area into a lovely garden, but it will be hard work and will take a couple of years.

Day 61

We bought a job lot of chinese lanterns and have put them up in most of the rooms, but sadly none of them seem to hang very straight! They will be replaced slowly as we decorate each room, but will have to do for the time being.

Day 62

GD1 came to stay for a couple of days, we put up a camp bed in the studio for her to sleep on.

Day 63

A no longer blank wall in the kitchen.

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