Monday, 3 April 2017

Week seven

And what a week it has been. Last Tuesday we had a phone-call at 2.30 am from GT to let us know that our first joint grandchild had been born an hour before. ST had been in hospital for several days while induction procedures were attempted, but as GD5 had no intention of traversing the birth canal, it was decided that a Caesarian Section was the answer. So a big welcome to the new little member of our family. At some stage later that day a bottle of champagne was shared.

Then on Friday GO rang us (from Gibralta, where he and EG are on holiday), to tell us that they had become an engaged couple, I am now quite overwhelmed with happiness and excitement, and I guess that more champagne will be consumed at some stage soon.

Now, back to earth, and some more "progress" in the new home.

Day 43.

FO and CH came to visit, bringing GD2 and GD4, so there was an obvious opportunity to try out the nearest playground.

Day 44.

Cassie seems to have settled in well, and has taken to spending time with me in my studio - pity she's no good at erecting shelving units, but she's pretty good at guarding the doorway.

Day 45.

Our house is fairly new - two years ago it was still in the process of being built - so the soil in the garden is a real mixture of chalk, rubble and clay and will need a fair bit of compost and organic material added to it. I treated myself to these compost bags as it will be quite a while before permanent compost bin/s will be erected.

Day 46.

A short area of wall on the landing between the top of the stairs and GM's office is exactly the right width for the small bookshelf housing our collection of Poirot books, which (unlike most of the other items in the photo) have made this their permanent location.

Day 47.

GM's current work space (the floor in the dining area) . . .

Day 48.

. . . him up a ladder . . .

Day 49.

. . . and we have a curtain across the front door. It needs shortening a bit, but that will have to wait for a while.

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Crafty in the Med said...

Oh! what joy!!! Gorgeous little angel



PS: You are not alone! :-)