Monday, 1 May 2017

Week eleven, during which we make a start on his office

Day 71

. . . emptying the room

Day 72

. . .  stacking the boxes neatly in the dining area

Day 73

Batten and curtain rail fixed, curtains hung - the same curtains he had in his office in the house in Surrey (all those years ago!).

Day 74

His treasured white board is fixed to the wall

Day 75

Filing cabinet and pedestal fit nicely in the alcove.

Day 76

Shelving unit partly erected

Day 77

Meanwhile, outside we have four dead trees and I'm struggling to find out who is responsible for them, it could be the developer, the developer's management company, the local council or the county council - I'm currently being sent round and round in circles. But never fear, I shall get to the bottom of it.


Sandie said...

Progress is being made. I hope you find out who manages the greased area and trees. It seems new properties now often contribute towards the upkeep of such areas, do you have an annual charge because that might give you a clue about who is responsible.

joy said...

There is a management company, but we don't yet pay them anything, so it looks as if it is still the developers who are responsible, and it's them who are giving me the run-around, but I'll get there in the end.