Monday, 8 May 2017

Week twelve, and a little bit about Andover

You can read the official stuff about Andover here, what I'm giving you are just my own impressions as a newcomer.

The reasons for locating here are simple enough, I have two sons and their families living in Surrey and I have two sons and their families living in Wiltshire, thus Andover is almost (but not exactly) midway between the two, and is in a position where it's an easy day trip for me to visit - that is until one or the other of them decide to move elsewhere!

Andover is growing, there's a lot of new development, and according to the developers' sales office, it will be continuing to grow for the next five or so years. The centre of town is isolated by a ring road, so finding it can be a bit confusing to start with, but perseverance pays off. A comfortably pedestrianised Market Square gives the town much character. The River Anton runs through the middle of town, and the river has been treated in such a way as to feel very much more rural than it actually is, the river corridor is heavily treed, so that both housing and light industry are shielded from it. As in most places, the church is very prominent, standing at the top end of the Market Place at the highest point of the town.

Most of the new development is to the north east of town, and it is pleasing to the eye that large swathes of open green land are much in evidence in the midst of all the new estates. The surrounding Hampshire countryside is less dramatic than both Wiltshire and North Surrey, but is never-the-less very attractive.

I like my new adopted home town. I feel comfortable here.

Day 78

The church, with Almshouses below.

Day 79

The river as it meanders through the town

Day 80

The main river crossing in Bridge Street, behind the Market Square

Day 81

One of the large areas of open grassland surrounding the newer parts of town

Day 82.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, GM has got his main PC up and running in his office.

Day 83

The spider plant looks very happy sitting atop the dresser.

Day 84

I recently celebrated my birthday, and my bestie sent me a selection of gifts all nicely wrapped and then packed in this box. She must have known that ADVENTURE is my buzzword for this year.


Eileen T said...

I like Andover - happy childhood memories of visiting cousins who used to live there.

Did you get my email?

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What a pretty town - love the trees and river. I have long ago declared your country the absolutely most beautiful place on earth - and add to that the age of many of the buildings - it is just paradise. Such beauty and history is enchanting. I'm glad you are so happy in your new surroundings.