Monday, 19 June 2017

Week eighteen

. . . .  which has mostly been about my studio (at long last, I sigh).

Day 120

Everything that is still in the studio is piled up on the wall behind me, the filing cabinet is moved to its final destination, and some of the racking bits and pieces are ready for assembly.

Day 121

The first double unit is up and ready to be pressed into service

Day 122

GM takes a day off, so I'm free to start loading the shelves with some of my beloved books - this arrangement is only a start, I'll get more organised as the days go by and more stuff is unpacked.

Day 123

GM wanted a change from racking building, so he erected the other unit for the downstairs loo, although he had to remove the loo-roll holder so we could open the middle door. I think he intends to rehang the doors to open the other way, as this arrangement will offend anyone who, like me, prefers symmetry.

Day 124

The first half of the second double unit goes up, then the second half of it is attached.

Day 125

While I'm away at my mum's for the weekend, GM installs my work station,

Day 126

. . . and rebuilds my desk. Yippee, my new studio, all ready for me to start unpacking in earnest, what a pity it's probably going to be too hot to work in here for the next day or so - with a south facing window it's already too hot and it's only 9.30 am!

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I always love it when things start to come together when arranging a room. Lots of work - but so rewarding.