Monday, 12 June 2017

Week seventeen

Day 113.

I did an extra day at work last week, and GM put these up that day. I didn't notice until the following weekend. Lost a house point or two there!

Day 114.

My studio, partially cleared and ready for action. The arrangement of electricity power points in this room is a bit silly, there are two doubles on one wall and none anywhere else, so my in-house electrical wizard intends to run additional power across to the other side of the room, attaching it to the skirting boards, which will then disappear behind my shelving. The above arrangement has served us for the interim.

Day 115.

The sides to part of my shelving racks, stacked neatly waiting to be used.

Day 116.

My permanent desk, also patiently waiting.

Day 117.

These packages arrive, and, as they look a bit the worse for wear, they jump up to the top of the to-do list and need to be opened to check the contents.

Day 118.

This one seems to be OK, apart from one or two very slight and hardly noticeable nicks to a couple of corners, although now the box is open . . .

Day 119.

. . . . might as well put one together just to make sure they're ok. There will be another in the other corner and a third (we got three for the price of two from Argos) somewhere else, possibly in the bathroom. I've been promised that work on the studio resumes today. Watch this space.

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