Monday, 5 June 2017

Week sixteen

Day 106

The front border looks a bit tidier now

Day 107

For two days in a row there were a LOT of honey bees buzzing around the compost bags right outside the back door, so the bee man came to have a look. Apparently it wasn't a swarm but a few (!!!) scouts out and about looking for somewhere dark and warm to move into. The compost bags have now been moved to behind the garage and the tops left open so that they are no longer dark, and therefore unattractive to them.

Day 108

The first day of June, a very misty morning from the studio window.

Day 109

This shelving is about to be erected as a temporary measure in the dining room. This will enable me to start clearing the boxes from my studio so that my own shelving can be put up and I can then start to unpack all my craft stuff, books etc. which have been packed away for far too long - given that we initially thought we would be moving in September last year my stuff has now been boxed up for almost 10 months!

Day 110

I met my friend Jean for lunch in a garden centre, where I bought some runner bean seeds. They are soaking for 24 hours before being planted out.

Day 111

I dug out a circular pit in the raised bed, put some half rotted compost at the bottom and then sieved some soil back in, built the pyramid of bean poles and planted two seeds to each pole. Really looking forward to freshly picked runner beans later this year.

Day 112

After a lovely day out with family I came home to find the shelves were up in the dining room, so it didn't take me long to move a few boxes downstairs.

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