Tuesday, 1 August 2017

In just over a year . . .

. . . from now, GO (no.3 son) and EG (his partner) are to be married. Which means that I have just over a year to shed the excess weight that I've been carrying around with me for the past few (too many) years, in order for me to feel comfortable in my role as Mother of the Groom.

I've tried shedding weight before, but with not a huge amount of success, so this time I'm going to ask for your help, I need to be accountable to YOU, my dear reader. I hope you will read my posts and offer me encouragement, I'll try not to get too boring about it all, I promise.

So, where do we start?

Well, here. This is today's reading on the scales, and for those of you who still deal in "old money" this is just under 11.5 stone. This time next year I would like to be 61kg (approx 9.5 stone). If you don't mind looking at food pics I would love you to follow my journey and offer me encouragement if I struggle. My aim is to shed approx 1 kg a month, and I'll do it by cutting out processed sugar, cutting down on volume of food eaten and alcohol drunk, and moving around a little bit more, I'll be aiming to do upwards of 6,500 steps per day (There are simply not enough hours in the day to aim for the recommended 10,000).

Are you with me?

Here are today's meals.


Scrambled bantam eggs on wheat-free toast

I'm a bit of a grazer if truth be known, so I need a few bits and pieces to nibble at between meals, these are what I've allowed myself today

A banana, a tangerine, some grapes and a natural yogurt.


Grated cheese salad, standard mature cheddar but less than I would usually have.


I'm fixing a huge panful of vegetable casserole for tonight's tea, with several servings for the freezer as well.

It's 4.30pm and my step count so far is well on the way to target, as long as I don't sit down just yet. I'll be back tomorrow, will you?


Ellie Foster said...

Good luck with your weight loss. I have lost one stone in 12 weeks (thanks to Slimming World) and am feeling so much healthier. One tip - buy Quark (fat free soft cheese which is high in protein and does fill you up.) I have it like yogurt, with 1 tsp of honey, but you can also have it as a savoury - like a dip. One of our favourite savoury recipes is a tin of mushy peas, 100ml of Quark, mint sauce to taste and half a clove of garlic. Mix together and eat with cucumber, carrot and cauliflower sticks/floret, or spread on a ryvita. It's yummy! Have a look at the 'slimming world' recipes online for lots of ideas, like crustless quiche, which is also delicious. I'm going to make blueberry and yogurt muffins this week.
Best wishes

Eileen T said...

Yes, I'll be back tomorrow! I'm seriously considering joining you as my weight gain is getting me down. I'll email you later.