Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Weight and see

Step count for yesterday 6519, target reached. Not sure target will be reached today, it's been raining all day long, which is not conducive to leaving the house unless you own a dog, which I don't. Walking round and round indoors for no good reason doesn't appeal to me, but if the rain clears and the evening is fine, I might just mosey out for a while.


One rasher of bacon, grilled, mushrooms cooked in olive oil, low sugar baked beans.


Banana, apple, scone (well, they are in the freezer and have to be used up!!), with low fat spread, no jam.


A bowl of vegetable casserole (made last night for tea and revamped this morning with the addition of some borlotti beans). The rest of this casserole is now destined for the freezer.


Salmon salad with baby potatoes.

I might try to step outside my comfort zone tomorrow and have something other than vegetable casserole or salad to eat.

Evening update : it's still raining, so it looks as if today's step count will be down, but not by much, so I can make it up over the next few days

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