Sunday, 24 September 2017

Week thirty

Falling a little behind, it's probably getting on for week 32 now, but life is busy, so I'll do my best to catch up.


GT and ST took part in this, while I babysat GD5, not sure which of us had the most fun, but I'm secretly thinking it was probably me.


A day out with a friend to the American Museum near Bath, well worth a visit. Highlights for me were these gorgeous quilts, there were getting on for about 50 of them, all different and all so lovely to see.


Days are shortening and nights are cooling, so it's time to harvest the tomato crop and bring them indoors to ripen up.


Likewise the runner beans, this is most likely the best crop I've ever grown, despite the soil being mostly chalky clay with loads and loads of stones!


Cassie enjoying a warm sunny spot on the floor.


Tenby harbour, memories of a couple of fun family holidays at the end of last century.


Met up with FO, CH and GDs 2 and 4 for a visit to Kingston Lacy  and decided to join the National Trust while I was there.

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Kezzie said...

Oh Cassie is a darling! I love seeing the dappled light on her there! You have done so well with the beans! My first year growing beans was a bumper crop- sadly there weren't any the previous year and this year I thought I was moving so I didn't plant any. Humph!