Monday, 23 October 2017

Week thirty six


While ex-hurricane Ophelia made her way towards Andover she picked up rather a lot of Saharan sand and decided to drop some of it on my lovely clean car


When ex-hurricane Ophelia actually arrived it was a bit breezy, as you can see by the inclination of the newish bushes at the front of my house.


My newest mug, looking very much like GD1


The old (only two and a half years!) hob that was fitted as new when the house was built has blown up, and a new one has been fitted - hope it lasts a bit longer!


My future daughter-in-law has this family tree on her bedroom wall, there are also a couple of names on there that I recognise from my long-ago past, small world.


Another beautiful spot in Wiltshire where it's nice to break a journey for a few moments of quiet contemplation.


A floating garden barge on the River Avon at Bristol.

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