Thursday, 11 January 2018

Giggles, days 4-9

I haven't been very well, with a rotten cold and a horrible cough, so Giggles and I haven't been out and about as much as I would have liked. However we did travel to Essex by train for the weekend to look after my mum.

Day 4

Here she is sitting in my bag in my studio, waiting patiently to be taken out - sorry, it but it just didn't happen.

Day 5

We arrived at our rendezvous (The Queen Victoria, Theydon Bois) and are now waiting for my sister to turn up for the obligatory drink, catch-up and handover.

Day 6

The day was dry, we took a walk around the green and stopped to look at the ducks.

Day 7

Giggles has a new friend, my mum's Deer in Glasses plant pot holder

Day 8

We are now on the train at Waterloo Station on our way home

Day 9

Sorry Giggles, I really don't feel well enough to take you out anywhere today.

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Fat Dormouse said...

Hello to Giggles - it looks like you're going to have lots of adventures!!