Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Giggles, 52-58

I have to be totally honest, Giggles has just got fed up with spending all her time closed up in my handbag except for when I pull her out to have her photo taken, and she has asked to be released. Being an advocate of animal welfare, I have made the decision to honour her request, so these photos will be the last of the dailies, although it's possible she may want to accompany me now and again when I visit the granddaughters.


Helping me to prepare a batch of vegetable soup


At the London Eye on our recent trip to London


Outside the Festival Hall on Southbank on the coldest Saturday of the year (I think the cold got to her that day, which is why she doesn't wish to accompany me any more!)


On the bank of the Thames with St. Pauls in the background


That's more like it, a warm cuppa in the cafe at the Tate Modern


Enjoying people watching while BF Kate and I gossip and trough, in The Arch Duke bar and restaurant.


and finally, just about to enjoy a fantastic concert of Beethoven music at the Southbank Centre. 

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