Monday, 26 March 2018

Never before . . .

. . . in the history of Shallcross-kind has the first day of the gardening season been as late as 26th March.

As this was the first real day that the temperature has risen above freezing for about the last 18 months, and also the first day without any rain for about the same period of time, it was essential to GET OUT and ENJOY the day.

The poor garden was in desperate need of attention so I went out for nice long walk and took lots of practice photos with my new all-singing, all-dancing camera. Ooops. By the time I got back and had had some lunch, what with the clocks changing and all, there wasn't a lot of time left, but I managed to get out for half an hour, and turned this

into this.

Lets just hope spring has really arrived, and that the mythical Beast from the East goes back into hibernation.

This will be an ongoing saga, which I think will be entitled "How to turn a chalk- and rock-filled ex-building site into a half-decent garden in 1853 easy stages."

Watch this space.


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I just love your estimation of the time and steps it will take to accomplish your goal - 1853 easy stages. We have been above freezing here in NW Washington state, but not by much and it is so rainy and cold, with highs only around 50 and wind and rain - so it hasn't been fun to be outdoors at all. I did get some pansies planted - but they are just sitting there sulking - wondering why I put them out in the cold and the rain instead of letting them live in the luxury of indoors for a bit longer. Hopefully soon there will be some sunshine - though I don't see much in our immediate future. Looking forward to seeing what changes you make and the pretties you plant.

Kezzie said...

Well, that is a GOOD start!!! I am looking forward to doing some gardening soon but I really want a raised veg bed but not sure where to do it as we won't be able to trim the brambles if I do it in front of the bamboo in our garden!