Monday, 22 July 2019

Playing with Photoshop

My version of Photoshop is Elements 8, which I acquired free when I did a short OU course in Digital Photography ten years ago. Despite its age, it is still a great deal more sophisticated than I am, and has lots of features that I've yet to play around with.

This morning I decided to be a bit adventurous, and here are the results of my little "playtime"

Me with my grandchildren, 6 natural (5 girls seated, and GS behind me) and three steps (babe in arms and two on right) (one step is missing, half brother to GS and babe in arms).

Me with my five sons (l to r: GO, PJ, FO, DO and GT)

The others : my sister (Auntie Jan), my 5 DiLs (l to r: EG, CH, JO, JP and ST) and two other partners (Ian and Nick).

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