Monday 3 June 2024


The month of May included:

My birthday

Our wedding anniversary

A trip to Felixstowe to visit my friend from our teen years

Another jigsaw puzzle

Various garden stuff.

How was your month?

Monday 29 April 2024


The weather has not been very spring-like, but work has started in the yarden, GM has erected a trellis on the side of the garage

 Our lovely GD5 is now 7 years old.

Over the Easter weekend GM and I visited the two youngest girls, GDs 7 and 8

Breakfasts are an essential start to any day.

Cousins love to play together

Tomato plants are started, and will stay in the Yarden room for at least another month

Large areas of the Avon Valley have been flooded several times during this spring


Towards the end of the month, and the clematis is in flower

I've made myself some trousers, size 14, yippee!


Our youngest GD is now one year old


How was your April?

Thursday 4 April 2024


We had a late dusting of snow at the beginning of the month - in fact on the first day of spring!

Someone had a birthday

I completed a couple of jigsaw puzzles (I'm only doing 1000 piece puzzles now, and doing them in the studio, out of harm's way).

I bought a trellis for the side of the garage wall, GM has since fixed it in position.

 I bought a new pair of joggers, size medium, and they're a comfortable fit, yippee

The horrid kitchen tap that we inherited when we bought the house has now been replaced with a brand spanking new one, so much more user-friendly.


I've been crocheting squares for another blanket for GD4. Can you guess her favourite colour?


How was your month?

Saturday 2 March 2024


The month started with a couple of anniversaries, firstly GM and I celebrated being together as a couple for 37 years on 3rd, and we celebrated 3 years of being in our forever home at no. 43 on 4th. As these two days fell on Saturday and Sunday this year, we decided to take a short weekend break in Ferndown, where we hired a chalet from Friday to Monday. Fortunately, as we were in the middle of a forest, the weather was kind to us. No wind, no rain, but not a lot of sunshine either.

During the rest of the month there were jigsaw puzzles, a walk to the canal (I've never seen it so full!), visiting granddaughters, the side gate was rehung to open towards the house, things are starting to happen in the yarden, I had a close shave in the town carpark, bought some new sheets, and packed up and sent off the lint saved from my dryer.

How was your February?