Saturday, 12 June 2021

This week, this month, this year, episode 4

 Firstly, an update on last week, Jasmine the trike is on the road.

Yesterday, after living here for over 4 months, I finally unpacked the large black suitcase with my clothes in, and they are now hanging on my side of the double wardrobe.

It is my intention to work along the rail, and either wear or discard each item as it reaches the front. So this week, each day will feature a different outfit, here's todays

and hopefully, by the end of this month, the number of clothes will have been reduced significantly.

The carpet in my studio is pretty stained and not really fit for purpose, so within the next year it will be replaced.

Sunday, 6 June 2021


 'Tis the season

Claude Monet's The Poppy Fields

 and Joy's copy

Saturday, 5 June 2021

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt

I mentioned this the other day, and you can see the full list here. I usually try to start at the beginning and work through, but as I printed off the list yesterday, no 8 "Window Views" caught my eye. I am extremely fortunate where I now live, in that my window views are all pretty good. The ground floor kitchen is at the front, with a bay window overlooking the road, so I can keep an eye on my car. The hanging basket, yellow bushes and fabulous lilac in the first pic are in our front garden.

There's also a side window, and when I stand at the sink this is my view

From the lounge window I can see this magnificent plant, and the hanging basket at the edge of the pergola

Up on the first floor, and the view from the room which will become my library is at the back of the house. The gardens beyond are a bit overgrown, which gives us an amount of privacy we might not otherwise enjoy.

On the top floor the views are magnificent, from each of two skylight windows and my bedroom front window - some of these views have been zoomed to miss out the houses in between!

Aren't I the lucky one? And isn't Wildshire wonderful?

Friday, 4 June 2021

This week, this month, this year episode 3

 Before the end of the next 7 days, I'll be on the road with my newest acquisition

Within the next month, I'll be eating some of these

And within the next year, this room will become a working library

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Photograph hunts

I do love an opportunity and a reason to take photos, so a photographic hunt is something I look forward to. Eileen gives us a prompt each month, and this month's prompt is "starting with D".

Another hunt that I regularly join in with is The Summer Photographic Scavenger Hunt, which is organised by Mary-Lou . Her post, including the list, is copied and pasted here:

There's no way better to celebrate Victoria Day long weekend; Ontario's kick off to summer than to welcome you to the 2021 Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt (SPSH) - the  easing, but not gone  pandemic restrictions edition.  

Keeping in mind that some of us may still be in a form of lockdown, or that some of us could be returning to lockdown or some of us are free to roam about.  There are some searches for at home, close to home or away from home.  I hope some items encourage you to think creatively & some that may require an open eye to find.   Find some, find all, hope you join in for the fun of the search.

Only two simple rules;  please use photos taken between June 1st & September 30th of 2021 & that you or a loved one have taken the photo, other than that, it's meant for fun.

As with previous years, if you would like to be connected with others participating, please leave me a comment & on the link in days, I'll post that connection list.  

And thank you to to Eileen & Lady Ella for some of the suggestions.

First check in/link up will be Wednesday June 30th.

2021 SPSH  List


  1. A Breakfast of Champions
  2. Favourite Time of Day
  3. Something To Represent Home But Not The Building
  4. Head In The Clouds; shapes or interesting patterns
  5. The Art Of The Fold
  6. Something That Makes You Laugh or Happy
  7. What's In Bloom
  8. Window Views
  9. Something Older Than You
  10. The Delivery Van/Truck Making The Deliveries
  11. The Shape of Round/Circular
  12. Something That Is Cause For Celebration
  13. Your Marie Kondo Moment – Or Not
  14. Inside Your Fridge Or Cupboard
  15. Your Best Doodle Art (not public graffiti)
  16. A Guilty Pleasure; Something That Recharges You
  17. An Exit
  18. Upside Down, Right Side Up
  19. Steps, But Who's Counting
  20. Decades Of Sharing; find something in your home that is from the 70's or80's or 90's or 00's


A: show off your  COVID safety; masks, cleaning, or other related supplies

B: a local landmark

C: the most beautiful landscape photo of the season

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Red for May

Each month Eileen picks a subject for us to photograph, this month's subject is red. I'm quite lazy these days, and all my photos have been taken at home, several of them in the kitchen!

Monday, 24 May 2021

Garden update

It's been raining. A lot.