Wednesday, 29 September 2021


Eileen's monthly challenge for September is BLUE - which just happens to be my favourite colour. It's been a busy month, so some of the items I had in mind didn't get snapped, but here are those that did. 

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Spotted today

I wouldn't normally show a random car number plate on my blog, but this one was just asking to be seen. Nice car, too.

I love these Japanese anemones, only out at this time of the year. A want for my yarden next year.

Walking home from school, what's around the corner?

Monday, 20 September 2021

Almost got it

There were three Tesco delivery vans all sitting in a row, and all with almost identical registration plates. One of them started to move before I had a chance to line up the photo properly, so this is the best I could catch

and then there were two

and one solitary letterbox

Saturday, 18 September 2021

An early morning walk

It was a very misty morning, GM needed to be out early on an errand, and I hitched a lift which enabled me to walk back home from the bottom of the village.

This is what it looked like

Sadly, even out here there are signs of Friday night outings

This is as busy as it gets, our "rush hour"

 Our road names are very descriptive

Getting closer to home

 Home, sweet home, with one of the kitchen lights left on

I hope you also enjoyed my early morning walk

Friday, 17 September 2021

Street photography in a semi-rural location, a new challenge

I love street photography, although I do find it quite difficult at times, being someone who doesn't wish to draw too much attention to themselves. And also there's not so much opportunity to photograph people when living in a semi-rural location. I decided to take a walk each day and just see if anything grabbed me.

Here are my first couple, plus a shot that interested me from a recent coastal trip.

This building has been empty for quite a while, and Mother Nature appears to have taken up residence 

 Where to?

Is that Wales resting on Clevedon Pier?

Sunday, 29 August 2021

E for August . . .

 . . . or, more specifically, this month Eileen has chosen "Starting with E" as her subject for the August photo hunt.

Here are mine, one or two might be a bit obscure, explanations at the end.

Ear, envelopes, emergency phone numbers, entrance, ears and eyes of my cat, electrical stuff, evening enjoyment, extractor hood, Easeflex cat medication, EJ letters on my car registration plate, empty flowerpots, empty plate and glass.

Thanks Eileen.

Monday, 16 August 2021

August decluttering

 My friend Eileen is partaking in an August declutter, the object of which is to "get rid of" one item per day, meaning that by the end of the month 31 items are removed. However, although I've started, and although also I have sorted more than 16 items (it being 16th Aug today), some of them are sets, so can't really be counted as individual items, e.g. item 1 is a set of 6 chair cushions purchased on ebay, delivered, after 6 weeks directly from China, and very disappointing. We received a partial refund from the supplier, and didn't have to return them, so I'll be offering them on ebay at half price (£12.00 if anyone is interested)

item 2 is a box of orangish items that I've just released from a packing box where they've been since we left Surrey in 2008! My DiL has expressed an interest in them, so they'll be going back to Surrey with me on my next trip!

item 3. Eileen has given me a few paperbacks to read, some of which she wants back as she hasn't read them herself yet, others she doesn't. Neither of these two appeal to me, so they are charity shop bound.

Item 4. One of several plates that I purloined when my sister and I cleared our mum's house. I've kept most of the others, and given some away. For whatever reason I kept this one, but I don't like it, so if anyone wants it, shout now, or it will go into the charity shop box.


Item 5. I bought this scarf from a charity shop probably 4 or 5 years ago, but I'm not that fond of it, so it's going in the box

Item 6. Another of my mum's knick-knacks, charity shop box for this one


Item 7. We inherited this battery operated light thingy when we moved into 43, it's pretty useless as a light, so yet another item for the charity box

And last, but by no means least, item 8, a charity shop purchase some years ago - size 16, brand TU (which I think is Sainsburys?), which has only been worn once, back in the box for someone else to enjoy for a while