Saturday, 10 April 2021

A bit more garden related stuff . . . .

 . . . . as not much is happening indoors, except that we've ( or rather GM has) moved some coat hooks from one place to another and made a start on installing a doorbell, which will be finished probably today or tomorrow. It's too cold to start putting some of the new stuff outside, and the kitchen windowsill is rather full, so a pot of runner beans and one of the caulis is sitting in my studio under the skylight, and may well be joined by some other pots before it's warm enough for them to go outside.

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Numbers for April

Eileen gives us a subject each month to find and publish photos, April's subject is NUMBERS, and I didn't have to look too far to find lots. Except for the house number plate, which is outside the front door, all were found in the kitchen.

Monday, 5 April 2021

Bank holiday Monday, garden update


This is the view from one of our first floor windows, and shows the house/garden on the other side of our fence. I have to say that, without having made the acquaintance of the owner/occupier, I have no idea what's happening, it does look very unloved and uncared for. However, that's not altogether a bad thing from my point of view, it does mean that it's most likely a haven for wildlife of all sorts - I know that we have a regular night time visitor, a hedgehog, I haven't seen it but it does leave me little calling card gifts most mornings, so I have to be a bit careful if I pop out in my slippers - and it also means that I won't need to have a wild corner of my own, which we really don't have the space for anyway.


We have now relocated all the garden pots that were being minded by both Eileen and GO, so all of the plants are home. I love that this forget-me-not is great-great-great etc. etc. several times great grandchild of some that we had in our house in Surrey from 1987 to 2006.

. . . . . .  and this Holm Oak was grown from a seed given to me by my friend Nikki-Marianna two years ago, almost to the day. This is not it's final resting place, between us Nikki-Marianna and I have decided where it will be heading, I'm just looking after it until its recipients are in a position to accept it.

Linda very kindly left me an almost full compost bin, which I'll work through over this season and probably into next, but its location is a bit precarious and in space that could be better used for other purposes, so I have re-instated by own three-bag system and popped it in space that is otherwise unused while also being fairly convenient for both garden waste and kitchen waste.


The kitchen windowsill is proving to be a very useful area, with lots of light and lots of space. These photos are about 3 days old now, so you can possibly imagine the growth that's taken place since then. 

This lovely butterfly has been hanging around for the last few days, it looks very much as if Cassie might have got hold of it, so I'm keeping an eye on it, and her, until it has flown off elsewhere.

Saturday, 27 March 2021

It's all about the garden

The back garden is quite small, it has no beds and no grass, which makes life easier for those of us who no longer feel like digging and/or grass mowing, but it presents its own set of challenges. Everything, but everything, will need to be container-grown, and I have BIG plans, as you can see by the amount of plants and seeds I've acquired over the past week or so.


This last pic is all the seeds I own, lots of flower seeds collected from last year's floral display at the previous house are in the grease-proof bags.

GM has got me a couple of bags of compost, which will keep me going for a week or two

 . . . as well as some that Linda left behind which now sits on my new potting table (my mum's old dining table - she would approve).

There's also a blueberry bush that I bought last month

and the seeds that I sowed earlier this month are starting to show.

I am soooo excited.

Friday, 26 March 2021

C things in my kitchen

Eileen's theme for the month is the letter C. I've already posted several, but as we approach the end of the month, and a quick scan of my kitchen showed up several more items, here's my final tranche of C things.

 I bought some Cauliflower plants (8 for the price of 6!)


We bought a Catflap to fit here, but really Cassie hardly ever goes outside now, so when she asks we just open the door. The Catflap sits on the table, with a birthday Card leaning against it, waiting to go to GO's next week to replace his broken one.

Sitting on the windowsill in front of the sink is a Compost box, where vegetable peelings etc. are put, it's emptied in the outside compost bin every couple of days.

Vitamin C tablets for daily use sit on the worktop

Jars of Coriander and Celery salt sit in front of my overflowing spice rack


We recently bought ourselves a new dining suite, my mum's old circular table being a bit too big for our new and slightly smaller kitchen/diner. GM has self-assembled the table, but the Chairs still await assembly

I would tend to call this a brochure, but I've heard it referred to as a Catalogue

And, finally - because I had put them away somewhere safe, and then forgot where that safe place was - I found the packet of Chiltern seeds from my friend Jane.

Now wondering what Eileen will choose for April.