Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Blogtoberfest 2012 Day 31

The last day of Blogtoberfest for this year, its been such fun. I've really enjoyed participating, and finding some fabulous blogs from all over the planet. A big thank you so much to Kat, of I Saw You Dancing There for organising the whole thing, and for having some fabulous guest bloggers to help us on our way. You can find the whole list of participants here, but, be warned, there are over 300, it could take a while. I admit to not being able to read all of them, but I have found and followed some really lovely ladies in blogworld.

My October has been a positive one on the whole, we had a slight niggle of a family problem at the beginning of the month, which was resolved by good sense and communication by all parties. I've been working on a quilt for Marissa's second birthday on 9th November, I finished it yesterday, and it will find its way onto my blog after the birthday celebrations. I've tidied up the garden in readiness for the winter. We have been pleased to discover that the central heating in our new home works very well, so we'll be cosy and warm this winter. The house seems to be extremely well insulated, as it stays at a constant temperature, rather than spikes and dips as our old house did.

And lastly I had a very exciting snippet of news, which I hope I'll be able to share very soon.

So, onwards and upwards, into November. I'm not promising to blog every day as later in the month I'm off to visit family and enjoy Marissa's second birthday, but I'll still be around most days, see ya! xx