Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A guest blogger

Today I'm handing my blog over to Cassie, so she can tell us all about herself.

Hello, my name is Cassie, and I am roughly 3 3/4 years old, nobody can be absolutely sure of when I was born, but we know it was roughly February 2009. My early days weren't happy, my brother and I lived with someone who didn't seem to care about us, and we were rarely fed and always hungry until we learned to scavenge for ourselves. After a few months we were rescued by a lovely lady called Heather, who took us to live at Kats and Kits, near Devizes.

We were both taken to the vet for neutering, but sadly my brother died while under the anaesthetic, so I went back to Kats and Kits on my own. However, it wasn't long until Joy and her friend Janice came down to visit. Joy and I took to each other straight away, and quite soon after that I went to live with Joy and Rog. I was a bit scared to start with, I had to stay indoors for three weeks so I had plenty of time to explore the house and found plenty of little places to hide where they couldn't find me. I would hear them calling my name and wait until they were almost sure I had found my way outside, then I would just appear from behind them - it was lovely to see the pleasure on their faces!

Eventually they let me out, and I really enjoyed the freedom, but as I knew that they were going to keep on feeding me well I made sure that I returned to the house every now and then.

Once or twice they went away for a few days and I had to go and stay in a horrid cage surrounded by other cats, also in horrid cages, it was like being in prison, I didn't like it at all. So when they came back and took me home I punished them by not talking to them for a while. It must have done the trick though, because the next time they went away Alex came to stay to look after me.

I was quite happy in the Devizes house for a couple of years, but obviously Joy and Rog weren't, so one day they packed me off to another prison, although I have to say it was quite a luxury one, much nicer than the previous one, and after 4 days they collected me again and brought me here to the Warminster house - where again I had to stay indoors for a couple of weeks. That was really hard for me, but I had great fun finding lots of new places to hide, and I teased them by staying put for hours, so they seriously thought I had somehow got out and found my way back to the old house (as if - they feed me too well!)

I like it here in the new house, but there seem to be more cats around than there were at the old house, there are two next door, a big boy called William who had an accident with a catflap and now only has half a tail, and a small girl called Jasmine, who is pretty timid and hardly ever comes out. I've got the measure of William, even though he looks big and scary I can give him that stare which says "I dare you to come into my garden" and he slinks away. There is another cat who comes around now and again and peers in through my catflap, I dont like it so I hiss and hiss until it goes away or Joy and Rog open the door and shout "shoo".

I have to admit that on the whole I have an easy life, I can eat and sleep whenever I want, the house is warm and comfortable, even more so now the central heating comes on mornings and evenings and there are hotspots under the carpet where I can lie and get in everyone's way. I sleep for most of the day and most of the night, and I cant even find any mice to catch to earn my keep, although William and Jasmine's Mum and Dad have a pond in their garden so every now and again I just go over there and pick up a frog to bring back for Joy and Rog, just so they know I care. I dont hurt the frogs, so they can easily be let out to find their way back to the pond while I stay indoors and clean myself up after my exertions.

So, thats my story really, and to finish off, here's a photo of me that Joy took just the other day. Thanks for reading,

Cassie x x x


Tracy said...

Brilliant post Joy, what a character Cassie is!

Elaine said...

Cassie ... you are lovely :)

Glad to hear your 'staff' are keeping you in the style you deserve :)

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Love your story, Cassie. Sounds like you have a pretty nice home.