Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 23, in which you can read about, and see pictures of, a typical morning in the life of this silver surfer

We wake at 6ish. Well, I say that, I wake at 6ish, he wakes a lot earlier, he gets up, lets Cassie out, makes the tea and brings the tea tray back upstairs and pours the tea, then I wake. I enjoy my couple of cuppas and have a bit of a read before I get up.

Then I cook breakfast - this is not really typical because usually he cooks breakfast, but every now and again we each have a day off cooking so today I cook breakfast and he has a day off.

Straight after breakfast it's time to edit yesterday's photos, which is done on the only one of our 4 PCs loaded with Microsoft Windows, the one in the dining room.

Then its upstairs to my studio for my daily dose of Facebook, and to write my blogs.

Time now to give my 88-year-old Mum a ring, to see how she is. As it transpires she's fine, although not too happy with the mist and general gloom of the morning.

I guess I can no longer put off doing chores, so its time to tackle some laundry. Mention of my Mum reminds me that she used to do all of her laundry on a Monday, how on earth did we manage with only one washday a week? Maybe we just used to wear our clothes a bit longer, we probably didn't smell too fresh by the end of the week!

What are all those little white flecks doing? I swear I checked all the pockets and sleeves for tissues. And why, please tell me, do I only ever miss a tissue when its a dark wash?

Now to do the watering, I have several pots and trays in the conservatory/greenhouse . . .

. . . and lots of houseplants dotted around the house, this is the spider plant that sits at the top of the stairs.

All that's left to do now is pop down to the supermarket for a bit of shopping. The walk to Morrisons takes me through the park, despite it being half-term holidays there is no-one else about and the park is very peaceful,

unlike the supermarket, which is unusually quite busy.

Shopping bought and carried home in my wheelie basket and its time for a cup-a-soup, beef and tomato today, with a bread stick or two.

So there you have a fairly typical morning. Maybe another time I'll post about a typical afternoon.

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