Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Warminster Carnival

After watching and snapping last year's carnival, I had decided to read up about taking photos in the dark, but guess what - it didn't happen. And then suddenly the year has gone and its carnival time again!

I wasn't feeling too great on Saturday, but as the procession passes the bottom of our road, I just had to have a mosey down to enjoy the fun.

These photos were all taken with my point and shoot, set on aperture 2.3 (for some strange reason it wouldn't let me set 1.8), and without the aid of any sort of keeping still mechanism. They aren't perfect by any means, but I hope they show the spirit of carnival.

If you would like to see the picture larger please click on it, but be aware this post is photo heavy. The last three were taken from the upstairs bay window at the front of our house. Enjoy.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Mum's Virtual Tea Party

I've had this date on my calendar for ages, and I've really been looking forward to participating. I did a bit of preparation earlier in the week, and then fully intended to do the final "niceties" yesterday. However, yesterday I didn't feel too good, with a sore throat, headache and general run down sort of feeling, so for a while I took to my bed. This morning I'm feeling a whole lot better than I expected to feel, and for that I am extremely grateful, however it leaves me in the position of hosting a virtual tea party with not much preparation done, so please excuse me.

I did get some invitations written out earlier in the week,

I bought some mince pies

and a bottle of pseudo Baileys (it tastes like Baileys as long as you have a good enough imagination and dont look at the label on the bottle, and its about a quarter of the price, so you can drink 4 times as much).

However, if you would prefer a nice cuppa then I'll just pop out to the kitchen and put the kettle on.

I can offer you PG Tips

or a lovely English breakfast blend.

I think as its a special occasion we'll use the nice china cups and saucers that I inherited from my Grandmother, would you like the willow pattern or the hand painted florals?

I'm sorry, I really didn't feel up to baking yesterday, so it's mince pies or biscuits with your tea or Irish. Please come and sit in the front room, do you like the cushions I made? I'm afraid the Green Man doesn't like them, so most of the time they are hidden from view.

I have to admit they are a bit garish. Oh well, never mind.

Thanks so much for calling in, it was lovely to see you, please come again soon.

Daisy x x

Please pop round to Mum's blog and catch up with all the other participants.

A big thank you to Mum for organising this Virtual Tea Party.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Scampi for tea, anyone?

Last night I cooked scampi for tea. 

I usually shallow fry scampi, but I decided for a change to pop them in the deep fryer instead. 

Having cooked them I realized that the deep-fryer was a bit mucky and would need a good clean-out, so this morning I strained the oil, dismantled the fryer, and put the washable bits in the dishwasher. 

Then I noticed that the worktop where the fryer had been standing was in need of a bit of a clean, so I did that, and then, naturally, ended up cleaning the whole of the rest of the worktop, which involved pulling out the microwave to clean behind/underneath. 

Pushing the microwave back into position I could see that it, too, needed a good clean inside and out, which I did. 

Then I emptied the strained gunge from the fryer into the bin, and, yes, you've guessed it, the bin was a bit grubby, so I washed that too.

That was when I noticed that the floor behind the bin needed sweeping, and while doing that I realized it was quite a while since the floor had been properly washed, so that was my next job. 

I now have a sparkling kitchen, but I think it will be a while before I deep fry scampi again.

Monday, 21 October 2013

My weekend

It rained

One of the pubs in town, The Old Bell Inn, has been closed for a while for refurbishment and reopened last weekend with an evening of free drinks and canapes. Never knowingly refusing a free drink, we popped down to nab ours wish them well. They gave us some tickets for extras, one of which was a half price meal during the first week, so on Saturday we popped down to take advantage of this offer. The menu was fairly extensive, catering for varied tastes and included some vegetarian options. This is what I chose:

bangers and mash with cabbage, and over there you can see GM's choice, a BLT panini:

GT was with us too, he chose an Aberdeen Angus Beefburger.

I couldn't quite manage the whole of my two sausages (this was a small version, heaven knows how huge the large version would have been) and I left some of the mash, as I really wanted to have a (half price) dessert to round off my meal, here 'tis:

GT chose chocolate brownie with custard. And the whole meal cost us approx £16.00 - I'd call that a result.

And still it rained

On Sunday I made a pasty pie, using swede from the garden

and still it rained

I quite like the surreal effect of the reflections in the above picture taken through the conservatory door,

and still it rained.

How was your weekend?

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Kitchen Swap

Some time ago I entered Kimberley's Kitchen swap, and I was partnered with the lovely Tracy of Mad About Bags. I've been lucky enough to have Tracy as a swap partner before, and I know she is a very generous partner to swap with, so when she emailed me to say that she was very busy, and my swap gift might take a little longer than usual, I was quite happy to wait. And the wait was certainly worth it.

My package arrived yesterday, and I opened it excitedly to find this.

The swap involved four categories. The first was a kitchen accessory, so I was delighted to find these lovely stacking containers (which I might sneekily keep in my studio).

The next category was a consumable, I think Tracy must know me quite well, I'm a real tea lover.

Category three was a tea-towel, and Tracy sent me not one, but two, how generous is that? The first depicts Country Houses of Essex - the county of my birth, the second depicts Wildlife of Wiltshire - my current home county.

The fourth and final category was something hand made, and again Tracy's generosity knows no bounds, as she sent me one of her fabulous grab-bags

and this, isn't it just lovely, and is most definitely going to be hung on the door of my studio, Green Man is already instructed to fix me a hanging for it. I'm also going to photograph it properly later on and use it as my new blog header.

 Also included in the package was this lovely card

I had also asked Tracy if she had any blue fabric scraps that I could have for a project I intend to start over the winter months, and she very kindly included this pile for me.

Thank you Tracy for once again being a very generous swap partner.