Tuesday, 30 November 2010

207/365 Crocuses

Each year Devizes enters the Britain in Bloom competition organised by the RHS. The object of the competition is to get members of the community to improve their own environments by planting wherever they can. Recently a group of my near neighbours planted 1,500 crocus bulbs donated by the Parish Council on the green in front of our properties. I cant wait until spring to see how good they look, thanks guys.

Monday, 29 November 2010

206/365 Lantern Parade

Every year, on the last Friday in November there is a lantern parade in Devizes, led by Father Christmas. Children from all the local schools make their own lanterns and as long as they have a parent with them they can join the parade. Usually the parade just goes around the town and back to the Market Square, but this year, in order to celebrate the 200th birthday of the Kennet and Avon Canal, they also walked via the Wharf, and sang "Happy Birthday" to the canal.
Once back in the Market Square the town Christmas lights were turned on.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

205/365 Baby book

My friend Ali, from Magic Making Hands, made me a lovely baby book to give to Ed and Junko for Marissa. Please look at the pictures, I have tried to show the overall effect and lots of close-ups of all the embellishments. I was so pleased when I saw it, and another friend who saw it has already ordered another two similar. Ali makes these books to order, I had specifically asked for rabbits as I know they are a passion for Junko, but she can add almost anything you want.
You can view her other works for sale here, and read her blog here
All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.
Thank you Ali.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

204/365 Bang Bang

It's become a bit too muddy to walk to town along Quakers Walk, so instead now we go along the London Road, and past the Police H.Q. You can imagine my surprise as I walked by the other day to hear the sound of shooting, and the sudden appearance around the corner of a building of 3 armed men dressed in black with what looked to me like machine guns! I didn't have time to get my camera out, as they sped across the car park, ducking and diving between parked cars - thankfully away from rather than towards me! A man walked past me in the opposite direction - "Scary!" I said. "They playing cowboys and indians again?" he replied. Walking on a bit further past the entrance I saw this sign. (Click on the picture to enlarge and read) Thank goodness for that.

Friday, 26 November 2010

203/365 Black and White

One of my blogger friends, Mama Syder recently pointed me towards another blog that she follows called Sticky Fingers, where lots of like minded photographers can post a shot of a topic week-by-week. The current topic is "black and white", so here is my contribution.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

202/365 Yesterday

It was an extremely cold and frosty morning, but the sunrise was quite dramatic.

At lunch-time, whilst still very cold, there wasn't a breath of wind, so we took a walk to what is fast becoming our favourite spot locally, Etchilhampton Hill. It's about a mile to the south-east of town, with a handy parking spot about half way up, then we climb the rest of the way to the top on foot. Here is Rog standing next to the trig point, 190m above sea level - not the highest spot around, but most certainly the best view point, as its clear in all directions.

We aren't that far away from the army bases on Salisbury Plain, and were reminded of that when this army helicopter did several training runs around us, dipping down into the valley below us on several occasions. This is quite a scary beast, nice to know its on our side.

The White Horse on the other side of the valley is the one on the side of Roundway Hill, very close to our house.

Back home after a picnic in the car, and it was time to load all my Phoenix stock and boxes of yarns on to my new shelf unit. The old cardboard boxes holding the yarns are soon to be replaced with nice new see-through ones, once I can find the right size at the right price.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

201/365 Just a few words

My blogs have been a bit "lazy" since I got back home from my recent trip to Surrey, I've shown you some pictures, but haven't bothered with any words, which is fine as the pictures speak for themselves really. I've been feeling a bit down, firstly very tired, secondly have had a bit of back trouble and thirdly the weather has been very grey. But today I'm feeling fully refreshed, my back is a lot better, and the sun is shining after a very frosty start.
My new camera, which arrived just in time for me to take with me, is quite something. The online manual is so long that I haven't really had time to read it all - thats a pleasure I'm still looking forward to - but set only on the "Smart" setting (which I think is a more polite way of saying "simple") I've taken some shots which have really exceeded all my expectations, and I cant wait to get down to the real nitty gritty. It might take a while though as I have so much still to do. I've caught up with washing and ironing, I've finished my Autumn swap gift and sent it off, I've compiled and delivered all my outstanding Phoenix orders, and I've started to fill the shelf unit that Rog has built for me in my studio. Now I have to make a start on Christmas, which isn't that far away - 30 days to be precise! Aaarrgh!, as well as clean the house through and various other things which were put on hold during my absence.

This shot makes me laugh, it precedes a session of formal(ish) portraits that I took of Ed, Junko and Marissa. Ed and Marissa were waiting for Junko to finish applying her make-up - need I say more?

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Monday, 22 November 2010

Sunday, 21 November 2010

198/365 Dad's finger

I really love this shot of Marissa, two days old, holding her Dad's finger

Saturday, 20 November 2010

197/365 Back Home

Just a quick few words to let you know I am back home after a 9 day stay with my lovely eldest son Eddie, his gorgeous wife, Junko, and their brand new daughter, Marissa, my first granddaughter. There will be lots of pictures on here over the next few days, here is a taster to whet your appetite.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

196/365 A sad farewell and a happy hello

Monday 8th November 2010 James Price died peacefully in his sleep, aged 98. Rest in peace Uncle Jim

Tuesday 9th November 2010 Marissa Chikaka Poole born 5.30 a.m. Mother and baby doing well, thank you Ed and Junko for my granddaughter, welcome to our world, little lady.

Monday, 8 November 2010

195/365 Headband/earmuff

One of my blogger friends, Miss Creativity, asked me if I could make her a headband/earmuffs like the one in the DFS advert. I duly searched online and found said advert on the DFS website, then made the headband as best I could from the small picture, in her chosen colours. If you would like one they are £5.00 each, (£3.00 of which will go to WAAA ) any choice of colour/s, just leave a comment below.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

194/365 Weigh day - early

Yes, its me and I'm still here after yesterday's false alarm. As there's still a distinct possibility that I shall be flying off at a moments notice I thought I'd weigh today instead of leaving it till Wednesday, and guess what? I lost the other half kilo, so I'm a whole kilo down after a week and a half.
No.3 son popped home for the weekend and we had a walk to the pub at lunchtime. Not a long walk, as it was bitterly cold, but just enough to blow some of the cobwebs away.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

193/365 more mugs

I'm all of a dither at the moment, I have just spoken to my No.1 son, and my daughter-in-law has been having contractions every 7 minutes for the last couple of hours, so they will be off to the hospital pretty soon. This may be my last blog for a few days as I shall be spending a week in Surrey, and although they have PCs I just might not have the time. So before I go, a few more mug shots.
My desk

My printer table




Friday, 5 November 2010

192/365 Mugs

How many mugs do you have? We have lots of them all over the place. Here in the cupboard with the cereal bowls are our two oversized mugs for our early morning cups of tea.

Here on the mug tree are our six everyday mugs.

and here on the arch sill are "visitors" mugs, i.e those that have fallen out of everyday use, but not found their way to the back of a dark cupboard yet.

We also have the odd few hiding at the back of a dark cupboard, but I couldn't find them to take a shot!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

191/365 Waiting

Some of you out there reading this will already know that I am waiting for the birth of my first granddaughter, and after having 4 sons and 2 grandsons, I am quite naturally extremely excited about this. Like both her parents before her she has decided to ignore the due date and keep us all waiting a little bit longer. To keep me occupied I am out and about taking lots of photos for the November Photographic Challenge that I'm participating in on facebook with some other cameraholics. As one of the subjects this month is "waiting", Tracy (Madaboutbags) suggested I should take a picture of myself waiting by the telephone, so here I am willing the phone to ring. I had a text from no.1 son this morning confirming that nothing is happening yet! A matter of dont ring us, we'll ring you.
Come on little Kokopan.