Thursday, 25 November 2010

202/365 Yesterday

It was an extremely cold and frosty morning, but the sunrise was quite dramatic.

At lunch-time, whilst still very cold, there wasn't a breath of wind, so we took a walk to what is fast becoming our favourite spot locally, Etchilhampton Hill. It's about a mile to the south-east of town, with a handy parking spot about half way up, then we climb the rest of the way to the top on foot. Here is Rog standing next to the trig point, 190m above sea level - not the highest spot around, but most certainly the best view point, as its clear in all directions.

We aren't that far away from the army bases on Salisbury Plain, and were reminded of that when this army helicopter did several training runs around us, dipping down into the valley below us on several occasions. This is quite a scary beast, nice to know its on our side.

The White Horse on the other side of the valley is the one on the side of Roundway Hill, very close to our house.

Back home after a picnic in the car, and it was time to load all my Phoenix stock and boxes of yarns on to my new shelf unit. The old cardboard boxes holding the yarns are soon to be replaced with nice new see-through ones, once I can find the right size at the right price.


martienn said...

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carol said...

Joy, I'm not sure how much yarn you have but i have some clear plastic boxes with snap on lids. I can fit 40 x 100g balls of yarn in them. They cost £10 from Wilkinsons x