Tuesday, 30 November 2010

207/365 Crocuses

Each year Devizes enters the Britain in Bloom competition organised by the RHS. The object of the competition is to get members of the community to improve their own environments by planting wherever they can. Recently a group of my near neighbours planted 1,500 crocus bulbs donated by the Parish Council on the green in front of our properties. I cant wait until spring to see how good they look, thanks guys.


Janice said...

Awww look at those little 3!

ps. arent they called crocii? (the flowers not the kids!)

Elaine said...

Just love the photo of the children. Cute or what!

I think it probably is crocii ..... but crocuses sounds so much better :)

PS. 1,500 bulbs is a SERIOUS number of bulbs to plant. Must have taken ages but they will look fantastic next Spring

joy said...

just looked it up, and the plural seems to be either crocuses or croci.
the 3 boys are brothers and belong to the tall guy in the other pic, sometimes all 4 of them are out in matching green all-in-ones as per dad and the little one, they look so sweet.