Wednesday, 24 November 2010

201/365 Just a few words

My blogs have been a bit "lazy" since I got back home from my recent trip to Surrey, I've shown you some pictures, but haven't bothered with any words, which is fine as the pictures speak for themselves really. I've been feeling a bit down, firstly very tired, secondly have had a bit of back trouble and thirdly the weather has been very grey. But today I'm feeling fully refreshed, my back is a lot better, and the sun is shining after a very frosty start.
My new camera, which arrived just in time for me to take with me, is quite something. The online manual is so long that I haven't really had time to read it all - thats a pleasure I'm still looking forward to - but set only on the "Smart" setting (which I think is a more polite way of saying "simple") I've taken some shots which have really exceeded all my expectations, and I cant wait to get down to the real nitty gritty. It might take a while though as I have so much still to do. I've caught up with washing and ironing, I've finished my Autumn swap gift and sent it off, I've compiled and delivered all my outstanding Phoenix orders, and I've started to fill the shelf unit that Rog has built for me in my studio. Now I have to make a start on Christmas, which isn't that far away - 30 days to be precise! Aaarrgh!, as well as clean the house through and various other things which were put on hold during my absence.

This shot makes me laugh, it precedes a session of formal(ish) portraits that I took of Ed, Junko and Marissa. Ed and Marissa were waiting for Junko to finish applying her make-up - need I say more?


Elaine said...


You can't rush quality :)

Perhaps best not to tell Ed that in, say, 16 or so years he'll be waiting for two women :)

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Perhaps tackle all that 'To Do' list with tiny baby steps?

Chrissy said...

Bless em - make the most of it while she is young and doesn't get to answer daddy back!!