Friday, 5 November 2010

192/365 Mugs

How many mugs do you have? We have lots of them all over the place. Here in the cupboard with the cereal bowls are our two oversized mugs for our early morning cups of tea.

Here on the mug tree are our six everyday mugs.

and here on the arch sill are "visitors" mugs, i.e those that have fallen out of everyday use, but not found their way to the back of a dark cupboard yet.

We also have the odd few hiding at the back of a dark cupboard, but I couldn't find them to take a shot!


Miss Creativity said...

I have lots of mugs and cups and saucers for every occassion. Like you I have a large mug for the first cup of tea of the day. A coffee mug for my morning cup of coffe (I have this with my breakfast) cups and saucers for my mid morning cups of tea (I love tea drunk out of a china cup) and various others picked up here and there. I cannot resist cups and saucers from the charity shops and wonder just what history they have seen. Glad to see I am not alone in this. Do you think there is a word for people who collect mugs and cups?
Have a wonderful weekend.
Beverley x

carol said...

Hi Joy, I think i can beat you on mugs. Why not pop over to my blog and have a look.
Carol x

Hekate01 said...

I love your mugs, i used to have loads but over the years the kids have broken them or the Eldest has took them to Uni. So only just have enough now xx