Monday, 1 November 2010

187/365 Another walk

Its really nice having Rog working at home all the time these days, and what's even nicer now is that we've decided its simply too expensive just to walk to the pub for his lunchtime break.
So just recently we've been going out and about discovering more of the fabulous countryside within easy reach of home. Today we went to the south of the town, where the topography is completely different to the chalklands to the north. It was quite misty to start with, but very mild and extremely pleasant.
We came across these cows, who all looked up from their lunch to watch us as we walked past.

Then we found what looked like an abandoned roller beside the track

A bit further along and we found this bonfire

This seat has been placed here by someone who enjoyed the view, its about a mile away from anywhere, and I love the idea that this was someone's favourite spot to come just to sit and enjoy the view.

As the sun came out the view became even more enchanting.

Thank you Wiltshire, we love you.


Shoogly Beads said...

Hi Joy..I love your photos. Mike and I retired early a couple of years ago and like yourselves we really enjoy walking and taking photographs. Our countryside is beautiful and it really is wonderful to have the time to enjoy it.

joy said...

how lovely for you. rog isn't yet retired, but does work full time at home, which means we can be a bit flexible with hours, so 2 hour lunchhours are quite often the norm! he is hoping to retire next year so we look forward to longer walks then,
joy xx

carol said...

We don't really get time for walks during the week, Rosie has a run up the park, but at weekends we are quite often out for about four hours. I don't often take the camera but i will try to this weekend.