Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Happy Days 208-209/365

208. Very pretty gladiolus beside the deck.

209. I've been playing with my paints again

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Happy Days 205-207/365

205. A lovely lunch break

206. Happy Systems Adminstrators Day (GM and GO)

207. Crocosmia George Davison in my front garden

Friday, 25 July 2014

Happy Days, 200-204/365

200. My lovely granddaughter GD1 and D-i-L JP in the park . . .

201. . . . and enjoying an icecream (with GD3 in the pushchair in the background)

202. A Japanese anemone in the garden

203. A pleasant picnic spot near Maiden Bradley

204. A neighbour has a tree removed, which will give us a lot more light in our garden during the winter months.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

View from my studio . .

As GM and I were enjoying a leisurely cuppa on the deck the other morning we were rudely interrupted by what sounded like a chainsaw starting up very close by, so, hazarding a quick guess as to what was about to happen, I dashed up to my studio to take a "before" photo.

Please excuse the poor quality of the photo, it was taken through the glass of the window, which is very, very mucky (note to self : get studio windows cleaned!)

My guess was correct, our two-doors-away-round-the-corner neighbours were having their very tall and close to the house conifer felled. This is great news for us as this tree, although not a problem during the summer months when the sun is high in the sky, would cast long shadows over our garden during the winter months.

I was also excited because as a child I was a tomboy and just loved climbing trees, also my eldest son DO was a tree surgeon until he gave up work to be a fulltime SAHD, and watching a professional tree surgeon in action gives me all sorts of thrills (is that sad?). So I sat in my studio doing my stuff, and every now and again just turned to look out of the window and watch progress.

The job was done and dusted in an hour and a half, and although my view is somewhat different I'm still happy as it means that during the winter months our garden will hopefully benefit from more sunshine (that's if we have any!)

Friday, 18 July 2014

Happy days 196-199/365

196. I've walked along The Avenue goodness knows how many times in the last two and a bit years, but this was the first time I noticed this gate in the wall.

197. Happy post, a letter from America

198. New crochet, some cushion covers for the TV room

199. New place mats to replace some ancient ones on the kitchen worktop

Monday, 14 July 2014

A work in progress

Back in May we had an old boiler removed from the kitchen, and a new one placed in the utility room, which you can read about here.

Last month GM did some work to wire in a new extractor fan and a couple of spotlights on the wall where the boiler had been (craftily using the old boiler vent hole to position the new extractor vent.

With the lights and extractor in position, the next job was to remove the old gas hob and fit a new hob in a much more user-friendly place. (Just in case you were wondering, it was Baz and Dave again)

Please come back soon - next month maybe - for further progress reports.

Happy Days 195/365

Spent yesterday getting my fingers sticky

Sunday, 13 July 2014


When we lived in Surrey we were very lucky to have Jim and Diane living next door to us for several years - do you know I cant remember how many, but I know they left in 2002 to emigrate to New Zealand. I don't think they left because of us (but you never know). However, while they were with us they were great neighbours and we had lots of fun with them, and probably consumed vast quantities of alcohol with them too.

We were quite sad to see them go, but off they went to New Zealand to make a new life for themselves. Since they left we have spoken on the phone a couple of times and exchanged emails and Christmas cards. We weren't really expecting to see them again, but quite out of the blue a couple of weeks ago we had an email, they were in UK, and would be passing almost by our front door on their way from Devon back to London, could they pop in and see us? Well of course they could, why on earth not?

So last weekend they turned up, looking exactly as they had done 12 years ago! Diane had a very slight kiwi accent but apart from that they were just as we had known them, and it was as if it was only a month or so since we had last been together. Isn't that a sign of true friendship?

They'll be heading back to NZ in two weeks time and I guess it will be at least another 12 years before we see them again. Thanks for popping in, you two, and bon voyage (again).

Happy Days 188-194/365

188. These ponies know where to come for their lunch

189. Does my bum look big like this?

190. The view across to the Needles from Hurst Castle

191. We had a lovely lunch at The White Horse in Milford-on-Sea, there was simply too much for me to eat

192. Not far from home now

193. My new sunhat

194. Fuschia

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Summertime Photographic Scavenger Hunt

During my few days away from home I was able to find quite a few shots for the Scavenger Hunt, which you can read about here.

No 4. A (small) group of tourists, admiring the lake at Exbury Gardens

No 5. A rack of postcards, at Lymington Quay

No 6. An urban street scene, Lymington High Street, from the top and from the bottom

No 7. A rural landscape, from the top of Pepperbox Hill, looking northwards towards Salisbury

No 9. A bakery - well more importantly, at least for GM, a pasty bakery

No 16. A sign in a language other than English - this one in the engine shed at Exbury Gardens 

No 17. A street lamp, this one just across the road from our digs and next to a crinkle-crankle wall

No 18. A waterfall. Not a huge great noisy thing, just a small trickley thing, easy on the ears.

No 19. A bus with a picture on its side (and back)

No 21. A photograph of me with something representing the season. Two things represent summer for me, one of them is ice-cream . . . .

. . . and the other is dipping my toes in the sea.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

5 in 5 for July

Sandie at itchifingers has been running 5 in 5 for a whole year now, and if you read her post here, you can be in with a chance of entering a giveaway.

I've been away for a few days, so I'm a bit behind with my blog posts, but, better late than never, here is my entry for July.

When the children were young we tried to get to the seaside for days out or holidays whenever we could, but as they've grown up and moved away, a day by the sea has become a rare and precious thing for me. So I was delighted to be able to spend a whole morning just sitting and soaking up the sun, sea air, and probably a bit of ozone to boot, on a small beach at Barton-on-Sea, in Hampshire.