Friday, 31 May 2013

May Scavenger Hunt

Once again, many thanks to Greenthumb from Made With Love for this month's subjects.

1. AQUA. I chose to go with a single drop of the latin version, as I couldn't find the colour

2. 4. On my telephone

3. SOMETHING PATRIOTIC. British reared chicken

4. DOOR. My front door from the inside

5. SKYLINE. From our skylight window

6. A MAP. We live almost in the centre of this one

7. LINES. Contour lines, looks like a great hill climb, and not too far away from home

8. WASHING. On the line

9. A FLAG. The union jack outside the civic centre on a beautiful sunny day

10. BROKEN. The only way to remove an overgrown evergreen was to take the wall down.

11. KEYS. To the garden

12. CONSTRUCTION. Our decking and pergola

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Walking home from the pub

Our local pub is The Fox and Hounds. It's not the closest, but it is the nicest we've found so far. It's not too far to walk, we just go down through the park to the road and up the hill, it takes about 12 minutes. Sometimes though, particularly this time of the year when it's not muddy underfoot, its nice to come back a different, quieter, way which takes us through Smallbrook Meadows, a local wildlife reserve. This picture shows the park in the valley, with houses on the top of the hill on the other side - that's where we live.

Smallbrook Meadows lie to the East of the park, to the right of the above picture.

We go through the kissing gate and down into the valley (we dont kiss though, too old for all that nonsense!)

At the bottom of the hill we are quite close to the far end of the park on our left

and on our right, the River Were (from which Warminster gets its name) and the open area of the nature reserve.

The footpath takes us across the valley between the park and the Meadows

and when we get to the other side its uphill all the way home. We could go up the steps

but we prefer to walk up the slope.

Almost at the top now, and then we'll be home. Time for lunch.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A new Facebook Group

If my reader is interested in photography, and is also on Facebook, you might like to join in a new group that I've just started, its called "Picture This".

I think it will be necessary for you to become my FB friend before you can join the group, but that may not be the case. If you are interested please comment below and I'll add you.

Monday, 27 May 2013

From where I'm sitting . . .

. . . this is what I see.

The table laid for al fresco lunch

washing drying on the line

the temporary raised vegetable beds

the chalet and coach-house (shed and bike store)

the side of the garden which is to be converted into permanent raised beds, and the view over the garden fence

the retaining wall, which is currently being worked on

the conservatory

tomato plants in pots, potato plants in a growbag and a miniature rose from Eileen which seriously needs repotting.

newly planted planters

Nigella, or Love in a Mist, soon to be in flower

spare chairs in case we have visitors

a climbing hydrangea

the wash basket

overhead, the wisteria about to burst into bloom

and over the fence, some white lilac in the neighbour's garden

and all without leaving my seat. Wasn't yesterday just a beautiful day?

Friday, 24 May 2013

Mug Swap

I recently entered this year's Mug Swap, organised by Cupcake Mumma, and was partnered by the lovely Donna at Lost and Found, who sent me this gorgeous VW mug.

It's a lovely sized mug, I'll really enjoy drinking my tea from it, and it's a great reminder of when my older two boys were young and we spent a couple of happy summer holidays travelling around southern England in our orange version.

Thanks Donna.

P.S. Donna also has another blog on which she writes book reviews. Her latest posting has reminded me how much I enjoyed the books I've read by Susan Lewis, and yesterday I went to the library and borrowed another one, No Child of Mine, the prequel to the book that Donna reviewed. So, thanks again Donna.  xx

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Quick and Simple Knits for Babies and Children - Book Review

As is usual with my book reviews, I was sent this book for free by the lovely people at F&W Media, the UK distributors. And as is also usually the case, this book is aimed firstly at the very much larger USA market.

The title is a little confusing, Quick and Simple, yes, but only for the experienced knitter, simple in the dictionary definition "not complex", but if you are a beginner to this wonderful world of knitting, please dont be fooled into thinking that simple is the same as easy.

As stated on the outside front cover, this book contains 8 Designs from Up-and-Coming Designers

and very attractive designs they are, too.

Every design has a full page, full colour photograph of the finished project, and all the patterns are printed in an easy to read typeface, with, in most cases, a fully detailed, with dimensions, plan of the finished shape

and, where necessary, i.e. for colour changes or for cable stitching, a grid is also included.

I like this book, and I expect that over time I shall knit some of the designs for my two granddaughters. My only criticism is the usual one and that is that the general knitting information, which includes US/UK terminology and abbreviations, is at the back of the book - I would really like to see them at the front so that the reader/knitter is fully aware that they are included.

The list price for this book is £6.99, but you can purchase it here for only £6.73 plus postage.

Monday, 20 May 2013

I've been away . . .

. . . for a few days, to see a few people.

Firstly I went to my Mum's and met up with my sister Jan, who had celebrated her 60th birthday a few days before. We all went out for a lovely meal together at lunch time, then Jan went back to her place to do a few jobs and I spent a few hours with Mum. I went to Jan's for the evening, we shared a bottle of wine and she, to my huge embarrassment, reminisced over all the times I'd led her astray in our youth (I'm older by 5 years).

Jan is a doggy person, her house is full of dogs - if you don't like dogs, you simply don't visit her!

She has lodgers,

and a few dogs of her own.

These are my favourites, Riga, Geordie

and Wilma.

Then I was off and away round the M25 to see my two older sons, their partners and the grandchildren. This is my very newest granddaughter Abigail, with her Mum and Dad,

and my older granddaughter Marissa

 with her Dad.

My grandsons, now a teen and a pre-teen, kept well away from the camera at all times, so sadly I have no picture to show of them, but they are well and it was lovely to see them both - their Mum is threatening to bring them to see us in Wiltshire during the half-term week, which isn't far off now.

And so now I'm back home, with a pile of washing to do, a garden to weed, a couple of pen-friends to write to and a silver wedding anniversary to celebrate (quietly).