Sunday, 28 June 2015

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt, Part Two

It's Here! June 1- Sept. 22 

***Warning, photo heavy post***
So far, I've done quite well with this Scavenger Hunt - you can see my part one here.

We've recently been away for a week in Weymouth and I managed to cross quite a few subjects off my list, as well as a few photos taken locally before we went away.

No2 An ornate door knocker - from a house in Weymouth harbour

No3 A dog (or other) walker - the first one also includes No.9 a tent

No5 Architectural columns

No8 someone plugged into social media

No10 A College or University

No12 A public restroom, bathroom or toilet at The Nog Inn, Wincanton

No13 A merry-go-round or carousel - I was a bit cross with myself for not taking a photo of this when we were a lot closer, this one was taken from the far end of the beach on maximum zoom.

No14 A traffic signal

No15 A flag pole with three flags - this is a cheat, as I saw one pole with two flags and another pole behind it with one, so I carefully aligned myself to take the shot so that it looked as if they were all on one pole.

No16 A panoramic view taken from height - taken from the Coastal Path heading towards Weymouth.

No17 Two or more people wearing the same uniform - two students from the local high school, four children wearing safety helmets at an activity centre and two members of the armed forces

No19 A ticket booth

No 20 A natural body of water - appears above and below in several of my photos, the English Channel and Weymouth Bay

Alternative A (just in case I dont find a turtle or an overloaded vehicle) people eating outside

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Friday, 26 June 2015

Week Twenty Five

It just so happens that, purely co-incidentally, when GM booked our holiday last July,  the only days he could get in the particular accommodation that we wanted were from Thursday to Wednesday. So over the last week we have been away, and other blog posts will tell of our exploits, this one is documenting our lunch-times.

Day 169

We stopped for lunch on our journey to Weymouth at the Rest and Welcome Inn

Day 170

We had a walk along the Coastal Path, and stopped for lunch at The Smugglers Inn

Day 171

A visit to Nothe Fort, followed by lunch at the Red Lion

Day 172

Abbotsbury Gardens was the location of today's trip, and for lunch we went to The Swan. I haven't included a link, as the pub doesn't have its own website, and the reviews on Tripadvisor were pretty average, as was the pub.

Day 173

The oldest pub in town was our lunchtime venue, The Black Dog

Day 174

A walk along the Rodwell Trail from Weymouth to Portland, and lunch at the rather lovely Cove House Inn

Day 175

And finally, our homeward journey was broken at The Sparkford Inn

How was your week?

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Week twenty four

Day 162

I love this house-on-a-hill, spotted in Wincanton

Day 163

We had some rain, very welcome.

Day 164

The Warminster Wobble, an annual cycling extravaganza, took place in the park.

Day 165

The painting-hanger has been at work

Day 166

I've also been drawing

Day 167

My little plum tree is growing fast now.

Day 168

An early gladiolus, it was in a pot in the conservatory, nice and warm and protected from the wind, so decided to put in an early appearance.

How was your week?

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Tree watch

My little plum tree has been growing since February, it's not so little now.