Thursday, 18 October 2012

Blogtoberfest day 18, Bits and Pieces

One of my blogger friends, Kat, has just reached 10,000 views of her blog, which is quite astounding, as its still fairly new, so I thought I would take a look at mine. Daisy Row (which started life as Joyknitt in January 2010) is now nearly 3 years old, and 2012 Illustrated is almost 10 months old, so I'm quite delighted with these figures!

Sorry about the picture quality, this was taken directly from my PC screen!

While on a walkabout yesterday, I came across this in a shop window, it quite took my breath away at the sheer inventiveness and attractiveness of the whole idea.

It looks amazing in the flesh, I dont think the photos really do it justice.

I've left it a bit late for Christmas flowering now, so I guess I'll have to look forward to these in the spring, some white hyacinths, hidden away now for 10-14 weeks in the odd little pipe cupboard we have on our upstairs landing.

 Please come back tomorrow for my Green Day Friday post.


Busy Little Chicken said...

The dress looks very impressive Joy, hope the hyacinths come up trumps in the spring!! Will look back in tomorrow for Greenday....time is passing soo fast, don't you think???

Fiona said...

Wow all those views for your friend's blog is great.

I can't read yours (as I can't find my glasses ) the joys of old age (sigh)

I hope that your hyacinths do really well. I have some away too
but am wondering if I should water them or leave them be???

Any advice would be great.

I am looking forward to you joining up tomorrow.

Have a lovely evening

x Fiona

Ellie said...

Your figures are looking good for your two blogs - well done!!!
That dress does look amazing doesn't it?
Many thanks for your lovely comment on my post :))