Thursday, 11 October 2012

Not a exactly book review, but certainly a recommendation

Most weekends Rog and I walk to a pub near us called The Yew Tree Inn, its not the closest, but its a pleasant walk. We only go at weekends because it doesn't open lunchtimes during the week, it just doesn't get enough custom, being on the very edge of town.

This pub is referred to locally as the library, as the mantleshelf is full of second hand paperbacks which are available to borrow, you can also donate or swap. Its a free service which I use regularly. Sometimes I cant find anything that appeals, and although I'm an avid reader I invariably only choose female writers (I know that may sound sexist, but I dont generally want to read the sort of stuff that men write about) so at first glance I almost passed by "We need to talk about Kevin" because the author's name was Lionel Shriver. But as the title sort of rang a tiny bell in my brain I picked up the book and scanned the back page, and decided to take it home for a read.

Lionel Shriver is, in actual fact, an American lady writer and I would say is probably the best author I have ever read. "We need to talk about Kevin" was rivetting - over 500 pages long - but it was so un-put-downable that although I had intended it to be a leisurely holiday read, I had finished it in less than 5 days!

Next visit to the Yew Tree and I was absolutely delighted to find this:

Its another 500 pager, the story in a nut-shell on the back page (click picture to enlarge).

I just simply cant tell you how much I enjoy this lady's work, when I've finished this book I shall go to the real library and make certain I read all her other books, of which, according to Wikipedia, there are another nine, so that should keep me in reading material for the next couple of months!


Chrissys4Cards said...

I must look this one up - thanks Joy

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Taking note of the name. Thanks for the recommendation. :)