Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday 3rd October

The nice thing about the later months of the year for a sunrise lover like myself, is that sunrise actually happens after I wake up, and also as it moves to a more south-easterly position it's visible from my studio without me having to hang dangerously out of the window. This is how it looked this morning, sometime after 7 a.m.

I have a fuschia plant which has resolutely refused to flower at all during the summer months, so a couple of weeks ago I transfered it back into the warmth and security of the conservatory. My action has now been rewarded by a magnificent show of beautiful blooms.

Marissa's second birthday is only just over a month away, so I'd best get on and finish her quilt - I'm half way through stitching the patterned side so I really need to work on it every day now until its finished.

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