Monday, 15 October 2012

My day in drinks, Blogtoberfest 15

So, practically halfway through the month already! I shouldn't be finding it a struggle to blog daily, as there are loads of prompts out there, I saw this one the other day, and I'm sorry to admit that I cant remember where I saw it, so my apologies to whoever it was, especially as her day in drinks was far more versatile and exciting than mine!

6am, and I cant do anything in the morning until I've had my cuppa

7am, breakfast time, and a nice glass of orange juice

8am, a glass of water in the early morning sunshine

10am, another cuppa and some biscuits - not really Harrods biscuits, this was a tin that Tom and Catherine gave us for Christmas several years ago, I use it now to store ginger nuts, which otherwise tend to taint the plain biscuits in the general tin.

Mid-morning, more water

Lunch-time, and as it's Sunday, sitting in the conservatory with Rog and enjoying a bottle of Marstons.

More water during the afternoon while relaxing with my crochet in the TV room

 Early evening, time for a nice gin and tonic

and lastly a bottle of water taken up to bed in case I get thirsty during the night (just tap water in an evian bottle)


Busy Little Chicken said...

I've so far managed to keep up with Blogtoberfest, which is a miracle in itself!!!! Glad to see you're drinking plenty of water Joy!!!

Chrissys4Cards said...

All that liquid - I'd be you know where if I drank that amount.

karen said...

What a nice selection, mine would consist of tea and water all day, finished off with a hot chocolate.