Sunday, 14 October 2012

Chicken Tikka Masala, a la maison Shallcross

We all love a nice curry, so we usually have one about once every 7-10 days, yesterday I cooked our version of chicken tikka masala.
I use any odd bits of veg I find lying around in the fridge, on this occasion I had celery, spring onions, radishes, red and green peppers. These are chopped or sliced and gently fried in a desertspoonful of olive oil to soften.

We always use ready-made sauces, this one is from Lidl and is generally cheaper than, but just as good as, those from the major supermarkets.

Once the veg are nicely softened, the sauce is added to the pan and gently heated.

Rog prefers his chicken on the bone, and with skin still attached, so I roast chicken thighs for about 45 minutes in the oven . . .

. . . then add them to the heated sauce

Meanwhile the rice is cooking, this time it's pilau rice (thats plain easy cook rice with some pilau flavouring added to the water before boiling, 12-14 minutes for al dente),

and thats it really, here's what it looks like on the plate.

Oli likes a chapatti with his, no need to cook, just place on a plate on the plate warmer for a few minutes.

Yum yum.


Fiona said...

It looks really tasty.

Thanks for sharing the recipe.

I haven't used any of the Lidl sauces but think I will try this one during the week.

I like easy to make dinners and know the kids would love this.

Have a lovely Sunday

x Fiona

Fiona said...

ps hope your weather this morning is better than ours!