Sunday, 28 October 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 28, Warminster Carnival

Yesterday, on a very cold and crisp evening, The Warminster Carnival took place. Living as we do on the eastern edge of town, we were lucky that the carnival started just before the end of our road, so we didn't have far to go to watch. I took loads and loads of photos, and have still to edit half of them, so here are just a few for a taster, come back tomorrow for some more.

OK, I didn't get the camera settings right on some of them, but I just love the effect.


✿ chica said...

Linda festa e fotos! beijos,chica

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

from an old song... "I...loveaparade" :-)

This looks like it was fun...and the best part was that it was just outside your door! I once lived in a little town a quarter block from the main street and I saw more parades there!! It was fun and never took all day or evening. Just a quick look and a chat with a neighbor or two and I was back home!

Trudy said...

What a fabulous parade to practically walk past your door. Love some of the effects with your photos, you can imagine the movement in the paraders!

Chrissys4Cards said...

Looks like a great parade and every one has made such an effort.