Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 16, and a quick look at Warminster

Gosh, we've been here almost 6 months already, how time flies when you're having fun.

I love it here, I really do. Warminster isn't as attractive a town as Devizes, but it has its own quirky character - take a walk around with me and see some of the things that have caught my eye.

We live on the east side of town, just off  . . . .

. . . which makes us Warminster Eastenders! Appropriate, then, that I should find this on the side of a house (not sure if it was once a pub, doesn't look like it, somehow).

The town actually gets its name from the River Were, on the banks of which it has grown, and the huge minster church of St. Denys. The river is culverted now through the centre of town, and only appears in the town park on the eastern side, but its presence in the centre is still noted.

There doesn't seem to be a local accent (as there most definitely is in Devizes), although the army has quite a significant presence in town, and the one noticable accent seems to be Yorkshire

Well, someone seems to have a sense of humour

Now we'll take a walk around, firstly a short hop along East Street into the Market Square, with the old Post Office on the corner . . .

. . . turn through 90 degrees and you can see the Old Bell Hotel in a prominent position . . .

. . . walk along into the High Street and we come across the quaint Chinns Court, with an assortment of specialist shops including my favourite, Out of the Box, a sewing, knitting, craft emporium (not in shot).

Back up to the High Street and continue along for a while

 Time to turn homewards, taking a quick detour along Station Road

Almost home now, this is the outside wall to our next-door-neighbours garden, it was once a part of the old East End House estate which was mostly demolished and on which our houses were built back in the late 30s. I haven't had a great deal of luck tracing any history of East End House as yet, but its a project on my long-term to-do list.

This is just a flavour of where I live, more of Warminster will appear on here now and again. Click on any of the photos to enlarge.


Chrissys4Cards said...

Lovely tour Joy. I prefer old towns like this with character than the modern be anywhere type of town.

Busy Little Chicken said...

Thank you for the tour!! Great pictures, and it seems a very 'tidy' place to live!! Old towns are so much more interesting!

Elaine said...

Thank you for the tour Joy. It's always nice to see somewhere through the eyes of someone who lives there.

And .... just you mentioning a proper Craft Shop means it's definately a place to visit :)

Tracy said...

Joy thanks for taking me on a tour of Warminster it looks a lovely and interesting place to live, I'm so glad that you and roger are enjoying living there. Great perspective on your street scenes and I can't wait for you to tell us the history of east end house x

karen said...

Great trip around Warminister, I can see why you like living there but can't believe you have been there 6 months already! where did the time go?? x