Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Golf Club

We can see the carpark of the golf club from the front of our house, I guess its roughly half a mile away as the crow flies, and this shot is taken on maximum zoom - you can just about make out the cars in front of the line of conifers.

Having been looking at this view for 5 months now, and having once driven past the entrance to the golf club, where a sign says "visitors welcome", we decided to pay a visit and look at the views - no, not to join the club or play golf, we're not that well off!

Well, having driven up there and parked up in the car park, we weren't disappointed. Had it been less windy I'd have got out and had a walk round, but being lazy and not properly dressed for the outdoors, I took these pics while sitting in the comfort of the car, but they certainly show that the views were worth the trip.

Westwards towards Longleat Forest

Southwest to the football club

South, towards home, although sadly our house is hidden behind the tree in the centre foreground

Southeast, looking at Cop Heap, a tree-covered hill just behind the railway station

and lastly eastwards to Battlesbury Hill, the site of our first Warminster walk, back in May (which I thought I had blogged about, but I must have just posted up the photos on my FB page instead).

Now, where are my binoculars?


Trudy said...

What beautiful views, Joy. I can see you going back there on a fine day.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Great to find another photographer on Blogtoberfest!
Awesome views, steady hand for close ups (I´ve been wandering around your home page :D ), cool angles and interesting projects. This is my 3rd time around with a 365 one, getting better at remembering each year.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Beautiful views!