Friday, 29 November 2013

Festive decoration swap

Miriam recently hosted a festive decoration swap which I joined. My swap came all the way from Karen in Rochester, New York. Karen sent be a beautiful felt star, a lovely shiny ball and a hand-made card, isn't she clever?
Thank you Karen.

My decoration, which I forgot to photograph, went off to Jacky.

Thanks to Miriam for organising this swap, it was great fun, hope you'll do it again next year xx

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

November round-up

Party time GD1

A date with a special young lady GD2

New wardrobes

GO's car passed its MOT and is now back on the road, after spending nine months with us.

GO and EG have both started new jobs and have taken a flat together out in the wilds of North Wilts, good luck to them both.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Photo a day for November, third instalment

Prompts as before from FatMumSlim

16. Play - by Shakespeare

17. 5 o'clock (a.m.)

18. Mirror - passenger side of my car on a trip out to Horningsham

19. Where I ate my breakfast - here at home

20. Communication  - the phone extension on my desk.

21. I wish I had this - I'm extremely lucky in that I dont really have a need for anything, but if I did , it would be the same as Eileen.

22. Behind - Cop Heap is visible behind the town.

One more instalment to come, watch this space.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A couple of new tabs . . .

. . . have appeared at the top of my blog.

One of them is to help identify various family members when they appear in my blog, and the other is in readiness for 2014, when I'm aiming to start another 365.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Photo a Day for November, second installment

Prompts from FatMumSlim, as before.

8. Someone I miss, except that this is sometwo I miss. We always knew, when we moved westward, that we would miss out a bit on growing families, but at least when I go back to see them I usually stay for a few days and have a good portion of Nannydom. I can keep in touch with the grandsons on Facebook, but these two cousins aren't quite old enough for that, yet.

9. Mine

10. Book

11. A memory. Our wedding day, 25 years and six months ago, give or take a day or two.

12. Clouds. Early morning. (Except that I think they are mostly vapour trails, rather than clouds, oh well!)

13. Part of me. My wrist and my copper band.

14. Eating. At the birthday party last weekend.

15. In my purse/pocket. I keep these in my pocket (which is why the screen on my phone is so dusty!), they are always with me.

 So we are now half way through the month, please come back next week for some more.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Photo a day for November

I'm joining in with Fat Mum Slim's Photo a day for November, in an effort to regain a bit of interest in my photography as my mojo has been a bit AWOL for the last couple of months.

I'm not quite yet ready to post every day, so I thought I would take the photo each day and post up once a week.

So here are the first seven:

1. Fruit, a banana for my mid-morning snack.

2. I did this today, priced up my Phoenix Christmas card stock

3. P is for . . . . pussy cat

4. Table, in our dining room. Most of the time there's only two, or at most three,
of us eating here, but it comes into its own when we have family to visit.

5. I collect . . . . beer mats (among various other things). There is a name for it, and I think it starts with G, but I cant remember it.

6. Music, by Haydn, one of my favourite composers, can you imagine someone writing 104 symphonies, not to mention loads of other stuff as well, and also knowing and being friends with both Mozart and Beethoven, wow, double wow, triple wow.

7. Yes, back and front of an old LP cover (LP? cant remember? Ask your granny!)

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

November 5 on 5

Today is the fifth of November, and one of my D-i-L's birthday, so Happy Birthday to Jade, if you are reading this, and see you at the weekend xxx.

It's also the day for Sandie's 5 on 5. I went out this morning to meet my friend Jean at a local garden centre, I purposely arrived a few minutes early to provide my photo opportunity, and here are my five pictures of choice.

I'm fairly sure that I've never seen a pink wheelbarrow before! And, I really want that water feature, please Father Christmas.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

November views from my windows

A beautiful sunrise from the kitchen window

If you look out of the back door you can see that I've been working on removing the moss from between the paving bricks

From my studio window looking over the top of the old brewery roof towards Battlesbury Hill

and from the bedroom window looking towards Arne Hill

Not much of a view from the lounge window, as it's raining

A bit of colour still left in the garden border, thanks to the nasturtiums

Believe it or not, these photos were all taken on the same day (today) over the space of approximately 15 minutes!