Saturday, 28 May 2016

Every Blog has its Day

Daisy Row started life as a play on words - I think most of you already know the story, but for newer followers I'll tell it again. When we were in the process of moving house, we were counting down the days, and on moving day itself, after we had arrived at our destination and off-loaded all our worldly goods, GM said  "Welcome to Day Zero", which I mis-heard as "Welcome to Daisy Row".

And so, for the past 4 years, with the exception of the last few months, I have kept a record of life at Daisy Row. During that time I have acquired an extra 3 granddaughters - I had one to start with, and two teenage grandsons - all of whom live over 90 miles away. I know that 90 miles doesn't sound like a huge distance, but any of you parents with young children out there will know that transporting babies, toddlers etc. and all their paraphernalia is not a task to be undertaken lightly, so family visits haven't happened quite as often as I had hoped. Now, of course, with the eldest of the girls having started school, and both DiLs being back at work, weekends are at a premium for all concerned. I have frequently done the 90 mile trip myself, staying away from home for two or three days at a time and seeing everyone, but I'm now finding these trips very tiring and very emotional, so the decision has been made for us to sell up and move closer, so I can do day-trips to visit one family at a time, thus spending quality time with each.

I may or may not continue with my blogging, I'm not really sure, I'm a bit anti social media at the moment, but I'm quite looking forward to a change, so the next time you log on to Daisy Row you may notice a difference, a change of name, possibly (although I wont be changing the address), and a different outlook. It's possible that I'll blog about the moving process, I'll just have to see how I feel. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to follow my adventures, thanks to all those of you who have left comments and special thanks to those of you who have become friends, either real or virtual, during this time.

Our house will be listed on Rightmove after the weekend, so if anyone is interested in a lovely, bright and airy extended semi with lots of rooms (lots of improvements over the years), new gas hob, new electric oven, new fitted fridge/freezer, new combi boiler, relatively new dishwasher, full double glazing and gas central heating, LAN, Wifi and loads more, close to a park, shops, railway station, library, doctor's surgery and the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, please contact me for details. Otherwise, watch this space.