Monday, 24 July 2017

Week twenty three


This is only the second 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle I've tackled on my own, I've done the easy bit, now for the rest


A bouquet of flowers for me, picked from the Therapy Garden of The Wessex MS Therapy Centre, where I've been working for the past 21 months as Tuesday receptionist.


Sarah, one of my bosses and a very lovely lady, made me a carrot cake, doesn't it look magnificent?


Cassie, asleep on the bed.


A pepper plant, grown from a saved seed


Dandelion heads are really quite beautiful


I'm still enjoying the carrot cake

Monday, 17 July 2017

Week twenty two


Passing Stonehenge on a very wet morning


A favourite of mine


View from the front room window on a very wet day




The highest Hill in Hampshire


For ages now I've been umming and ahhing about buying myself a smaller, pocket camera. Then someone living quite close to me was offering this, a half-price, one year old but hardly used second-hand camera. Couldn't really refuse, could I?


Gotta love a bit of random topiary. Came across this in the middle of nowhere. (Not sure I could even find it again if I wanted to!)

Monday, 10 July 2017

Week twenty-one


Blue bottle (not of the flying variety)


Octopus (cuddly)


Sunlight reflected (refracted) onto my dining room wall


I was at my mum's, she had thrown out some uneaten breakfast cereal for the birds, but they obviously weren't interested. Early the following morning some snails and a solitary ant were more than happy to feast on it.


Fifty plus years ago I bought this set of wine glasses for my parents after they had been on holiday to Germany and "discovered" wine. Miraculously the set is still intact, so I have brought them home with me. (Mine was/is the blue one)


My next blanket is coming along nicely - can't show more than this as it's a gift.


Recently, while unpacking a box marked "studio", I found my old bowl. I'm sure that it was originally part of a set, but sadly the jug (if there was one) has gone AWOL. It belonged to one or other of my grandmothers, although I couldn't say which one. There is a stamp on the bottom which says "Empire Works, Stoke-on-Trent" with a monogram in the centre which is slightly obliterated and therefore illegible. It is very impractical and takes up a lot of space, but I love it, so it stays.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Five on the fifth

It's that time again. Time to join in with Sandie's (itchifingers) 5 on 5 in 5, and this month I followed the rules (See, I can do it now and again).

As you will know if you are a regular reader, my garden is a blank canvas, the house is only two years old and the previous owner did nothing at all in the garden. There is a raised bed along the back in which the soil is pretty rubbish consisting mostly of clay and stones, however I have worked on a small area and have planted some runner bean plants and a couple of tomato plants. I've also placed some planted pots for a bit of colour, and have put my precious fig tree (son of, son of, son of the original from Devizes) in one corner. So my five on five today are of things that are growing "In my Garden"

To join in, or see other entries, please go here

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Week twenty - handles

Almost five months has passed since the relocation, a good 90% of the unpacking is done and in order to do any more some new items of furniture need to be acquired. The garage is tidy, the garden is under control and the house is comfortable. Now that my studio is fully operational, change/improvement will slow down. A decision is needed as to whether or not a small conservatory is to be built on the back of the house, so garden planning is on hold until that decision has been made. Major works are needed in the kitchen/dining area, so a deal of thought and planning will precede any changes. So, it very much looks as if the next few weeks will be an opportunity for a bit of R and R. I fully intend to complete this 365, but from now on the emphasis will change away from the new house and back to normal "stuff". With this in mind, and in order to ease back gently into photography as an art form rather than as a means of reference, I decided to just wander round the house and snap some handles.

Day 134

Most of the internal doors have these.

Day 135

A drawer in the dresser

Day 136

The front door

Day 137

Chest of drawers in the bedroom

Day 138

Part of my "Willow pattern" collection, an inheritance from my maternal grandmother

Day 139

Part of my "silver" collection, an inheritance from my paternal side of the family

Day 140

The fairly boring handles on the kitchen units